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Wedding Bands Rings: Jump into the Bandwagon of the Latest Trend

Everyone wants their wedding to be the talk of the town for the right reasons. Well, we may not able to help you with the food and dress, but we can make sure that your wedding jewellery is being talked about for the right reasons. At BlueStone, we have a stunning collection of wedding jewellry which includes artistically crafted wedding band rings. From simple gold to stylish diamond studded rings, we have pieces that appeal to men and women of different tastes. 

The History of Wedding Bands

Wedding rings date back to the civilisation of ancient Egypt. Circle was viewed as a symbol of eternity and rings made of leaves were exchanged among wedded couple. Wedding rings were worn during the ancient Roman and Greek periods as well. During the medieval era, men gave the engagement ring to women while proposing marriage.

Historically men did not wear wedding rings to indicate betrothal or marriage. Men’s wedding rings became popular during the twentieth century after the World Wars. Soldiers used to wear rings in loving memory of their fiancé or wife during the war. This trend gained momentum and men wearing wedding band rings has become acceptable across the eastern and the western cultures ever. Wedding rings are widely worn in the left ring finger. It has been observed that the left ring finger has a vein called the vein of love or ‘vena amoris’ that connects all the way to the heart.

Wedding rings have traditionally been a yellow plane band on the ring finger. Recently wedding rings have undergone a fashion makeover and more youngsters are willing to try modern designs. Wedding band rings made of 14kt and 18kt white or gold became popular as they are best suited for everyday use.

In India, exchanging the ring has gained popularity across all religions and communities. At BlueStone, we understand the changing style needs of the younger generation and have a fine collection of wedding bands. Take a look at our wedding band ring designs in everlasting patterns and choose the one that best suits your wedding theme.

We have kept our wedding bands rings’ prices affordable so that you can buy them without worrying too much about your budget. Explore our range and buy wedding bands rings online from the comfort of your home.

Buy Wedding Bands Ring Designs for Men in White Gold

The Supremo Ring is a ruby and diamond encrusted ring in white gold. If you choose to go with only diamonds in white gold, then the Euphoria Band is a perfect choice for your special occasion. If you like patterns with diamonds, then you may choose the Masterstroke Ring with six diamonds or the Mentor Ring with fifteen diamonds, placed artistically on the band. For those who celebrate minimalism, we have the Francesco with a single diamond.

Gold Wedding Band Designs for Him

Gold ring designs are available in plain gold and with diamond and ruby embellishments. The True Love Band for Him is for the ones who love the good old wedding band in gold while the Antoine Ring for Him blends in the diamonds and gold brilliantly. The Crocio Band is specially crafted for the design enthusiasts. The piece is embellished with five diamonds fashioned after a geometric pattern. Add a romantic twist to your wedding with the Enchanted Twist Ring design. The ring is studded with diamonds and made of 18kt gold

If you are looking for a combination of yellow and white we recommend the Divine Union Ring for Him and the Olavi Ring. The former is simple and plain while the latter comes with diamonds.

Wedding Bands Ring Designs for Women

For the ladies who wish to break free from convention and flaunt a wedding band ring in style, we have the Inelia Ring in the prong diamonds setting and the Antoine Ring for Her in the bezel setting. These band rings come in 18kt gold and are studded with diamonds.

Traditional and contemporary designs, competitive prices and masterfully crafted jewels are waiting for you at BlueStone. Start your marital journey with the BlueStone wedding band.

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