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Nuptial Vows Made Special with Men’s Wedding Ring Designs

The wedding ring is an indispensable accessory for the modern man and it is a symbol of bonding he has with the love of his life. Though the designs and styles of wedding rings vary as per regional and cultural aspects, its significance remains unchanged. The collections of men’s wedding ring designs available today are simply marvelous and they range from the good old wedding bands made of solid gold to stylish designs studded with precious and semi-precious stones. The sheer vastness of designs and styles often makes it difficult for a woman to choose the right ring for her man. If you are a to-be bride wondering which design or pattern to adorn your man’s fingers with, here is a quick guide on the ever-changing trends in men’s wedding ring collection.

Men’s wedding ring designs: A history

Rings, especially wedding rings, have a rich history that can be traced back to as far as 6000 years ago. It is believed that ancient Egyptian couples exchanged braided wedding rings made of reeds or hemp. For them, the circle signified eternity and the wedding ring represented the eternal love between the man and his wife. In many western cultures, however, the wedding ring was worn only primarily by a woman as a symbol of her fidelity and commitment. The widespread practice of men wearing wedding rings, as we know it today, began in the US during the period of World War II.

In India, this custom emerged much later in the twentieth century, but it quickly deepened its roots across regions and religions. Today, Indian men wear wedding rings as much as women do and the use of couple bands has become the latest trend among modern and urban Indian. Naturally, the jewellery industry is quick to come up with men’s wedding ring designs that abound in styles and patterns.

Know your options before you buy men’s wedding designs

There are many ways to express your love for your man and touch his soul; giving him a precious wedding ring is one among them. Now you can buy men's wedding ring designs from online shopping portals where you can find a great range of designs. Even after centuries, the traditional wedding bands retain their charm and fervour. Though gold is the most preferred metal for making men’s wedding rings, a delightful range of pieces in white gold and platinum are also available. Dazzling designs with diamonds embedded in the ring are also popular among modern Indian men, not to mention the popularity of designs with coloured gemstones and precious stones. Look for a beautiful and classy design when you buy men’s wedding rings online and you are all set to start your conjugal journey with a little bit of glitter and lots of love.

BlueStone: Your ultimate destination for men’s wedding ring designs

BlueStone is your ultimate destination for jewellery shopping where you can buy men’s wedding rings online at an affordable price range. At BlueStone, we help you craft your love stories in yellow and white gold designs and our collections which contain both classic and contemporary patterns give you a wide range to choose from. If you want to go the classic way by choosing a wedding band for your man, the True Love Band for Him and the Soulmate Band for Him are your best options.

For a man who is a diamond lover, you can choose The Marvel Ring which is made with gold and embedded with diamonds. Some of our most popular pieces in gold include the Robust Noble King and the Grand Master Ring. BlueStone’s white gold collection that includes the Master Class Ring, the Fransesco Band, and the Masterstroke Ring is ideal for men who don’t like the tinsel of gold. For the modern urban man, we offer contemporary designs in two-tone gold like the Olavi Ring and the Firm and Swanky Ring.

The Excellence Ring, which is made of gold and embedded with blue sapphire and diamonds, radiates elegance and magnificence. The Supremo Ring has both rubies and diamonds etched on white gold and nothing can beat this classic red and white combination. BlueStone’s collection is available in 22kt, 18kt, and 14kt variations, and the men’s wedding rings’ prices vary from one design to another.

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