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Diamond Studded Gold Rings

Diamond Studded Gold Rings: It’s Diamond, Baby!

A ring is not just a piece of decorative jewellery. Sometimes a ring is a silent style statement, sometimes it denotes the relationship status and at times it is a showstopper. The diamond ring or the rock as it is most fondly called is a classy piece of jewellery that complements and completes you. Why settle for the shop-bought unimaginative designs when you can browse from over 400 designs and click at the convenience of your home from BlueStone? We have a bunch of novel and original designs that are simply scintillating.

Get Hitched with Diamond Studded Gold Rings

So the deal is sealed and the pact is made. It is time to celebrate your engagement and the ring is your star of the day. There are rings and there are engagement rings. You can choose from myriad patterns that are exclusively designed for men and women to make your engagement ceremony festive. Give her the Eternal Serenade Ring that will speak of your timeless love. The Floral Classic Ring and the Nabha Ring have grand designs in diamonds and gold. Unisex ring designs are for the contemporary couples of today – matching couple bands are the latest trend in engagement rings and we have the simple Clasp Bands or the ornate Ciara Rings for design lovers.

The Skystra Ring is a delicate and sharp-edged diamond studded ring that accentuates your beauty. The Baylea Ring has a quirky open design while the Daisy Ring shall adorn the ring finger and the adjacent finger too! The zig-zag pattern in the Trion Ring will be a head-turner of the occasion. The Mamie Ring that has a cuff like a clasp and the Ernestine Ring with the thick bee-hived pattern are jewellery designs that are enthralling. The Jillian Ring embossed with true love all around is a joyous and proud proclamation of your heart’s desires.

For men, we have the Moses Band telling tales about your eternal love story with the infinity symbol imprinted on the inside of the ring. For the guy that makes your heart skip a beat, gift the Kyle Ring with the heartbeat rhythm design.

Our Journey Ring collection symbolises the growing love and affection that grow over a period of time. We have the Captivating Pledge Ring, the Forever and Beyond Ring and the Marvelous Journey Ring portraying a life-time of commitment and togetherness.

Lightweight Jewellery Designs

Traditionally lightweight jewellery is associated with patterns that are plain and basic. Wait till you take a look at the Fayth Ring in three tones– the collage of white, rose and gold interspersed with diamonds is breathtaking. The Tortoise Ring and the suave open Rayla Ring will change your perception about light weight jewellery forever.

Buy Diamond Studded Gold Ring Designs and Rock the Party Look

Cocktail rings are large rings that are attractive and eye-catching. These are bold and ostentatious statement pieces that add glamour and extravaganza. The Mojito Ring is a grand over-sized signature piece set with 33 diamonds in a bunch. The Frangelico Ring is an enormous square-shaped ring that glitters and shimmers. Add a twist with the lengthy Fairuza Ring. The Galliano Ring and the Baileys Ring are also part of this collection in white gold.

If you have an occasion, we have the diamond ring for it. Be it your everyday office wear diamond rings that have to be simple and elegant, festive diamond rings that have to shine bright, party wear diamond rings that are bold and beautiful, or engagement rings that last are built to last, our collection caters to your every need. Our diamond studded gold ring prices are as sparkling as the diamonds. Buy diamond studded gold rings online at prices that will leave your wallets happy and let the stones shine brilliantly.

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