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Diamond Studded Gold Engagement Rings

Celebrate Your Special Moment with Diamond Studded Gold Engagement Rings

To many women, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a diamond studded ring does. For this very same reason, most proposals are marked with a dazzling diamond studded engagement ring. Of course, the trends in the jewellery industry are fast changing. Today, many couples opt for white gold or platinum rings, couple bands, gemstone rings, etc. However, diamond rings made of gold continue to be one of the top trends to this date. For those who make a promise of love with the glitter of gold and the twinkle of diamonds, we at BlueStone offer a stunning collection of diamond studded gold engagement rings designs.

The Evolution of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings date back to ancient Egypt and Greece. In ancient Egypt, rings were a symbol of wealth and when a man gave his fiancé a ring, it was a symbol of sharing his wealth and status with her. The circular form of a ring is also associated with eternity. Thus, an engagement ring was seen as a symbol of making a promise to love the person for eternity. Diamonds became popular much later. The first diamond engagement ring was commissioned by Austrian Archduke Maximilian for his betrothed Mary of Burgundy in 1477. By the 1940s, diamond engagement rings became the norm for proposals. Today you can find a number of trendy diamond studded gold engagement rings online. A solitaire setting as seen in the Sylka Ring is a classic when it comes to engagement ring designs.

Types of Diamond Studded Engagement Rings

As mentioned, a solitaire setting is a classic design favoured by couples all over the world. However, diamond rings can be designed in many styles, designs, and settings. Contrary to popular belief, solitaire rings do not always have to feature large and super-expensive diamonds. A solitaire ring is any ring that features a single diamond. The Ipsa Ring and Ruon Ring are beautiful examples of solitaire rings with small diamonds.

Halo rings have made a comeback and are trending in the jewellery industry today. This setting, which is originated in Europe during the Georgian Era, is characterised by a single diamond in the centre. This central stone is encircled by a number of smaller diamonds. The Sylvia Ring is a fine example of this setting. If you like the look of a large solitaire but find the price tag a little out of your budget, you could choose a cluster ring. The proximity of diamonds gives the ring an illusion of having a single large diamond. The Venus Ring and the Twilight Ring are two bestselling designs in our diamond cluster ring collection.

A three stone ring, also known as a trinity ring, is another popular engagement ring style. As the name suggests, these rings feature three diamonds. Typically, the diamond in the centre is larger in size compared to the other two diamonds. The Trinity Ring and the Aurora Flourish Ring are your best picks from this range.

Does the Setting of Diamonds Matter?

Yes, it does. The way a diamond is set also contributes towards the appeal of the final design. Most of our new designs in diamond studded gold engagement rings feature a prong setting. The Aida Ring and the Glamour Fiesta Ring are popular examples of this diamond setting. On the other hand, designs like the Parnella Trinity Ring feature a channel setting. This can also be seen in a number of designs from our diamond studded gold engagement rings collection for men. The Confident Male Ring and the Antoine Ring for Him are two of our favourites.

When diamonds are placed close together as in the Cyprian Trinity Ring, it is known as a pave setting. Diamonds do not always protrude out of a ring. A bezel setting as seen in the Aphaea Ring for Him and a flush setting as shown in the Chrysus Ring are designs where the diamond is almost at the same level as the rest of the ring. This minimises the exposure of a diamond’s edges.

How to Buy Diamond Studded Gold Engagement Rings Designs?

There are no universal best diamond studded gold engagement rings. When you buy an engagement ring, the design is as important as the wearer’s personality. The Simply Chic Ring or the Eavan Ring is ideal for a woman with a taste for delicate jewellery. On the other hand, the Florine Cocktail Ring and the Alexa Ring are perfectly suited to bold, confident women. A woman with a green thumb will appreciate floral designs like the Amber Ring or the Red carpet Glamour Ring. Similarly, the Diacere Ring or the Princess Ring is ideal for a woman with a penchant for art.

The wearer’s personality plays an important part in selecting an engagement ring for men too. Elegant designs like the Kayon Ring and the Circe Ring for Him are ideal for men who like classic styles and understated jewellery. On the other hand, the Path to Success Ring and the Sestet Ring are perfectly suited to men who like to flaunt jewellery. A couple can also choose to wear matching his and hers engagement rings. The Ciara Ring for Him and the Ciara Ring for Her are the most popular his and her engagement rings. The Ezio Ring for Him and the Ezio Ring for Her are equally favoured by our customers.

How to Buy Diamond Studded Gold Engagement Rings?

Today, it is easy to buy diamond studded gold engagement rings online. At BlueStone, we offer over 100 designs of diamond studded engagement rings for men and women. Most of our designs are made in 18kt gold. To make a design more budget-friendly, you may ask for a ring to be made in 14kt gold. What’s more? Our diamond studded gold engagement rings’ prices are highly competitive. You don’t have to break your bank to sport these twinkling trinkets, anymore!

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