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Diamond Cluster Rings

Grace Your Fingers with the Jumbo Sparkle of Diamond Cluster Ring Designs

When does a diamond look its best? When it is single or when it is in the company of a hoard of diamonds? It is easier asked than answered. The topic has always been and still is a bone of contention among diamond lovers. There is no denying that a majority of people still opt for the royal, classic, and exorbitantly priced single solitaire rings for their weddings and engagements. However, a new trend is emerging in the jewellery industry, driven by celebrities and fashionistas. Yes, we are talking about cluster rings here. If you wish to be part of this emerging trend, here is BlueStone’s collection of diamond cluster ring designs for you to explore and drool over.

All You Should Know About Diamond Cluster Rings

As interesting as it might sound, cluster rings were first introduced as a cost-effective alternative to the astronomically priced solitaire rings. A ring designed in the classic cluster setting features, as the name suggests, a cluster of diamonds instead of a large diamond. These diamonds are tiny, equally sized, and so cleverly positioned against one another that they create the visual impression of a larger, single diamond. The Bellini Ring from our cluster ring collection is a fine case in point. Made of 18kt white gold, it features 67 equally sized diamonds in the classic cluster setting. Moreover, the dome shape of this ring allows diamonds to reflect light from multiple directions. Even the most exorbitantly priced solitaire will have a hard time competing with the mega sparkle created by this diamond cluster ring.

Buy Diamond Cluster Rings Online for Your Engagement: The Next Big Trend

Let’s admit it. Cluster engagement rings are taking the jewellery industry by storm. Many celebrities including Scarlet Johansson popularised this trend which was ardently embraced by budget-conscious couples. At BlueStone, we offer a sparkling range of diamond cluster engagement rings for the modern Indian couples who want to give solitaires a miss and try something different. The Venus Ring, the Heirloom Ring, and the Twilight Ring are all made of 18kt gold and each of them feature a cluster of diamonds sitting brightly on the glittering band. The cluster setting, when executed on white gold, has a charm no words can describe. Take, for instance, our Studded Radiance Ring, the Red Carpet Glamour Ring, and the Proud as a Peacock Ring, all of which come with a large diamond cluster. For a simpler cluster setting, opt for the Mirria Ring or the Aether Ring. These engagement rings will make your big day as radiant as the diamonds encrusted on them.

When Diamonds Blooms in Clusters: Floral Patterns

Flowers are one of the most favourite themes of our designers and rightly so because no other motif has stood the test of time as it did. When you buy diamond cluster ring designs from BlueStone, you get to choose from fabulously designed floral pieces. One look at our floral collection and you will wonder whether diamonds have bloomed in the form of flowers. The Creamsicle Ring and the Galliano Ring are as elaborate as it can get. Made of 18kt gold, they both feature over fifty sparkling diamonds which come together to form intricate floral designs. Fancy something less ornate? You will find what you are looking for in our white gold designs like Florial Ring, the Amber Ring, or the Mokya Ring.

In gold, we have mind-blowing Caribou Ring which you can sport on cocktail parties and special occasions. As for the Floral Elegance Ring and the Floral Classic Ring, everything you should know about them is in their very name! If you fancy a playful design, go for our two finger designs like the Daisy Ring.

Cocktail Cluster Ring Designs

Historically, a cocktail ring is nothing but a beautifully oversized ring, usually studded with diamonds and gemstones. As a trend which can be traced back to the Prohibition Era in the United States, the cocktail ring has come a long way embracing new patterns and styles. In our diamond cluster ring collection, you can find some of the iconic cocktail pieces handcrafted by our creative designers. Take a look at our Grappa Ring made of white gold. Is there any other word than splendour to describe this piece? We doubt it! Equally splendid are the Sangria Ring and the Cachaca Ring, two bestsellers in our white gold section. In gold, we have the Mojito Ring and the Schnapps Ring.

By the way, did you notice anything special about these names? Yes! All these cocktail cluster rings are named after alcoholic beverages and cocktails. History has it that cocktail rings were first worn by women who attended clandestine cocktail parties during the prohibition era. What better way to honour the history than by giving these rings the names they truly deserve? 

Diamond Clusters for Your Everyday and Office Wear Collections

After having gone through all these elaborate, oversized, and exquisite designs, you might feel that cluster rings have no place in your everyday and office collections. Wrong! When you buy diamond cluster rings online from BlueStone, you can opt for simple and graceful designs like the Arianna Ring or the Flowery Dream Ring which you can sport every day. These rings keep the stonework to a minimum, so you can wear them without worrying about the weight of stones. To spruce up your professional look, we have office-appropriate designs like the Beleca Ring in white gold and the Sayan Ring in gold.

What’s more? Our diamond cluster rings’ prices are affordable enough to give you the most wonderful shopping experience ever. If a diamond is a woman’s best friend, these clusters of diamonds are the crazy bunch of friends every woman should have to keep her spirits up on all days and occasions.

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