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More the Merrier: A Stunning Collection of Cluster Rings for You

Cluster rings are a blessing in the world of jewellery. Every jewellery lover admires them for their power to transform ordinary into extraordinary. More gemstones mean more the sparkle and more the radiance. Cluster rings create an enchanting illusion of a large stone while a number of smaller ones work their magic. BlueStone has curated a collection of trendy cluster rings online for all the fashionistas out there. Whether you love diamonds or rubies, sapphires or pearls, you’ll find something that suits your style and taste. Explore our collection to choose a ring that beautifully reflects your uniqueness with its design and charm. What’s ever better? Our unmatched cluster rings price makes our exclusive collection perfect for all budgets.

What is a Cluster Ring?

You certainly know that a ring designed in the cluster setting features a bunch of diamonds instead of/along with a single stone. But do you know that this setting rose in popularity as a cost-effective alternative to solitaire rings? Yes, it’s true. Typically, a classic cluster ring is studded with several tiny, equally sized gemstones. These gemstones are so ingeniously placed in the ring that you get the visual impression of a large, single stone. Take, for instance, the Bellini Ring in our collection. You might think that the mega sparkle of this ring comes from a single diamond. It is not! The sparkle is achieved by 67 small diamonds of the same size.

Diamonds are the most favourite gemstones of designers for this setting. BlueStone’s range includes several diamond-studded pieces in yellow and white gold. However, you can also find cluster rings made of colourful gemstones in our collection. Likewise, this setting is becoming the hottest trend in engagement rings. If you are a modern couple looking for a sparkling alternative to solitaire, we have just the right designs for you. The Proud As A Peacock Ring and the Mokya Ring are some of the bestsellers from our engagement rings collection.

Gorgeous Cluster Ring Designs That Will Melt Your Heart

Each ring in our cluster rings collection is handmade to perfection. A number of creative, skilled artisans have poured their heart and soul to create some of the best cluster rings you’ve ever seen before. Our collection includes a variety of designs and widespread shapes and sizes. All of our rings are one of a kind and exude an ethereal charm. We use different purities of gold and a variety of gemstones to add a touch of colour to our pieces. There are rings made of gold, white gold, and rose gold. And there are pieces studded with diamonds, rubies, and other stones separately and together.

Transform Your Look with Radiant White Gold Cluster Rings

Add a cluster ring from our collection to your jewellery box to create a signature look anytime. Our assortment includes new designs in cluster rings that are handmade with the highest quality gold and studded with the finest gemstones. The character and charm that these rings exude are unparalleled and beyond beautiful. Among these dainty cluster rings are dainty pieces made of white gold. The Alisa Ring is an 18kt white gold ring crafted to suit royalty. It features three clusters of sparkling white diamonds. The Yana Ring is another diamond-studded, 18kt white gold cluster ring in our collection. The top of the ring is square in shape and studded with glittering white diamonds all over. This sparkler of a ring can start conversations with its beauty.

The Studded Radiance Ring is a simple yet sophisticated ring. It is also a classic cluster ring with multiple small diamonds surrounding a central stone. Its 18kt white gold base complements the white diamonds. The Galliano Ring looks like it was created for the Gods. This 18kt white gold ring will take your breath away with its floral silhouette. The multiple clusters of white diamonds make it look glamorous and heavenly at the same time. The Grappa Ring is an unusually gorgeous ring with diamonds that break all the boundaries of beauty. You can redefine special occasion dressing with this 18kt white gold ring. Buy cluster ring designs online at BlueStone to make every occasion special.

Gold Cluster Rings for the Fashionista in You

Gold never goes out of fashion. Every woman loves gold jewellery. Our gold cluster rings are carefully crafted with great attention to detail. The Akuti Ring is only one example of what superior craftsmanship is all about. It is made of 18kt gold and studded with white diamonds in different shapes and sizes. The Fortuna Ring features a pretty floral silhouette studded with sparkling white diamonds. These diamonds are clustered to resemble a flower with a glowing halo around it. The Venus Ring is a dainty ring made of 18kt gold and studded with a cluster of white diamonds. The glittering stones on the ring resemble the intricate design of a snowflake. When you have such widespread selection, you will be spoilt for choice when you buy cluster ring designs at BlueStone.

A Cluster of Multiple Stones Makes These Rings beyond Brilliant

Why be limited to diamonds when there’s a rainbow of colours out there. The world of jewellery at BlueStone lets your imagination go wild when it comes to gemstone combinations. Our cluster ring collection is not limited to one type of stone. Explore cluster rings studded with a variety of precious gemstones. The Pushpanjali Ring is made of 18kt gold and studded with the navaratna stones. The nine stones lend this ring an unmatched charm and a lot of colour. The Lada Ring is an 18kt gold ring studded with a ruby at the centre and emeralds around the central ruby. The red and green stones make quite a colourful cluster. Browse our collection to see them all. You can also try them at home before you decide to buy one.

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