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Citrine Ring Designs that Complements Your Taste in Delicate Fashion

Have you ever looked at a ring and felt as if you were looking at the beautiful hues of the morning sun? Well, in all likelihood, you were looking at a ring studded with citrine. The mellow look and feel, the pale dazzle, the charming tint and the eye-catching tinges all come together in a piece of a citrine ring to give it its signature appearance. No wonder, citrine is one of the most fashionable gemstones out there today and is scoring big with the connoisseurs of unconventional jewellery.

Out of the box but perfectly classy, the citrine rings designs at BlueStone make for the perfect addition to your already luminous jewellery collection. It not only complements your elegant taste in unique jewellery but also brings out those stylish streaks of personality that you have kept clandestine for the most part.

Buy Citrine Ring Designs to Make a Style Statement

At BlueStone, we always have a different take on jewellery. We combine commercial designs with exquisite artistry, a bit of imagination, a potpourri of shades and a hint of passion for designing the citrine rings you see here. With BlueStone you can now buy citrine ring designs that wrap you in grace and elegance everywhere you go.

Take the Noilly Ring for example. This 18kt gold ring is an epitome of fusion rings that pour new life and enigma to any dress that you pair it with. Packed with the cracking shimmer of citrine stones and quoted with layers of diamond, this cocktail ring captures the true essence of chic fashion and gorgeous style.

Add a dash of glamour to the festivities with the multicolour Amerouge Ring in our collection. Its ornate design and prismatic charm make it the perfect ring for the chic, classy, fashion savvy you. Made of 18kt white gold, this ring is adorned with a big, boisterous citrine stone which is decked with many such smaller stones set around it. To further add to the dazzle and sheen of the ring, there are clusters of diamond adorning the smaller, bite-sized citrine stones.

Profess Your Undying Love with the Yellow Stone

All you men out there, now win over the heart of your beloved and pledge your undying love to her with the Regal Rose Ring. If your woman has a refined taste in fashion, this simple yet elegant piece will never go unnoticed. Made of 18kt gold, this ring is decorated with a royal flair and a big ornate citrine stone to add to its sophistication. When she is at a loss for words, you can suggest the perfect attire that goes with her ring, and ask her out for a romantic date with you.

Whether it is your anniversary or the Valentine’s Day, you cannot go wrong with the Love Me Forever Ring. Featuring a heart-shaped citrine set amidst a line of diamonds, this ring makes a perfect gift men can choose for the love of their life. What’s more? When you propose to your woman, this heart-shaped beauty will plead your case more eloquently and artistically than you do. The Amarela Ring is yet another heart-shaped design popular with our customers. Remember, love comes in all colours and when it comes to professing your love, the sunny shade of yellow is as good a choice as your bright red rubies or shimmering solitaires.

Want to surprise your special someone with some old world charm? Choose our Solaris Ring. This design is our contemporary take on the classic halo setting, the origins of which can be traced back to the Georgian era. The large citrine stone set in the centre of the ring is surrounded by a halo of tiny diamonds, which gives it a vintage look and feel. The 18kt gold body of the band also features a line of diamonds on its either side.

Be Mesmerised: Buy Citrine Rings Online from BlueStone

Now that you have been through the sneak peek of our refined and exclusive citrine ring designs, explore the full length of our collection from the comfort of your home. We bet we have enough zeal and pomp here to leave you mesmerised. We at BlueStone are absolutely obstinate about two things -the quality of our products and the efficiency of our services. We are hell-bent on creating the most memorable online shopping experience for you.

You can now compare the citrine ring prices and buy the perfect ring, one that fits your finger as easily as it fits your pocket. We wish you the most incredible online shopping experience ever.

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