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Enjoy the Mega Sparkle of Gold Cluster Ring Designs

Gold doesn’t grow on trees; nor do diamonds bloom like flowers in beautiful bunches. But if they ever do, how will it look? It will look exactly like a gold cluster ring, the latest trend that is taking the jewellery industry by storm. Beautiful, stylish, and cost-effective cluster rings made of gold are in the aesthetic and financial good books of everyone and their mother. The splendour of these rings is such that even the most discerning jewellery enthusiasts have kissed their solitaire rings goodbye and welcomed gold cluster rings without second thoughts. We, at BlueStone, always capture jewellery trends the moment they set in. If you are looking for spectacular cluster ring designs, take a look at our growing range made of 18kt gold.

The Emergence and Popularity of Gold Cluster Ring Designs

There is this solitaire ring that sparkles like a start but alas, it is so exorbitantly priced that you might have do save up for months and months to make it your own. What would you do? Resolute souls save up, sacrifice their little joys, add up every single penny, and buy it. But smart folks look for a cost-effective alternative that is as shiny and as beautiful as the solitaire ring. Believe it or not, the cluster ring was a trend popularised by designers and consumers who thought smart, real smart.

A typical cluster ring features a number of small stones or diamonds cleverly placed in clusters to give the illusion of a bigger single stone. The stones are of equal size, shape, and cut and they are set tightly together to reflect light from multiple directions. While some cluster rings have a central stone, most pieces are made without one.

When they first entered the industry, cluster rings were popular among people who wanted the sheen and glamour of solitaires without damaging their wallet. Today, however, cost-effectiveness is not the only reason women and men are dying to own cluster rings. They are trendy and less conventional, not to mention their wow factor and the mega bling quotient. 

The Whopping Sparkle of BlueStone’s Gold Custer Ring Designs

At BlueStone, we offer you a mega collection of gold cluster rings designed in diverse patterns and themes. These designs are made of 18kt gold and feature carefully picked diamonds of high quality. Our ingenious designers have recreated the classic cluster pattern in stones other than diamonds too, such as precious stones and colourful gemstones. You can buy gold cluster rings online from our vast collection and enjoy the additional benefits of special offers and deals.

Rings made in the flat cluster setting were the first to emerge in the industry and they still retain their popularity and charm among modern day customers. Many hot-selling pieces in our collection, such as the Ahna Ring, the Alexa Ring, and the Akuti Ring are designed in the flat cluster pattern. They not only look trendy and sparkly but also give your fingers a timeless charm.

When it comes to design innovation and creativity, our designers are second to none. Take a look at our Mojito Ring made of gold and Emilia Ring made of white gold. They are designed using the domed or contoured setting and these rings amazingly reflect light from multiple angles. With these rings, you can enjoy the size and sophistication of a solitaire ring sans its cost.

The Floral Saga Written in Gold Cluster Ring Designs

Guess what’s the most charming feature of the cluster setting? It is exceptionally good for making rings in the floral theme. Shiny diamonds of identical size and cut look like a bunch of flowers when they are placed together in a floral cluster. You can buy gold cluster ring designs in floral theme from the marvellous collection at BlueStone.

Take a look at our Caribou Ring. You will have a hard time believing that the diamond-studded flower featured on it is not a real one! The Arianna Ring and the Glorious Floral Ring carry the charm of white diamonds while the Arty Floral Ring and the Lada Ring will charm you with their colourful gemstones.

Besides these, we have an impressive range to add a bit of flower power to your jewellery collection. You can choose from our simple designs like the Austere Floral Ring or opt for breathtakingly elaborate patterns such as the Galliano Ring.

Buy Gold Cluster Rings Online to Make a Fashion Statement

The cluster pattern, by its very nature, is ideal for making statement pieces. The Julep Ring, a signature piece on our cocktail ring collection, is a must have for anyone looking to up their bling quotient with a spectacularly oversized ring. Choose our Red Carpet Glamour Ring and make a glamourous entry into any party like a true celebrity. If design innovation is in your mind, don’t think twice. Just pick our Daisy Ring or Erin Ring. These twin finger designs not only help you make a unique style statement but also double as conversation starters.

The ones listed here are only a curtain raiser. Enjoy the real show by browsing through our collection and you will find yourself asking whether there can be anything, anything at all, as attractive as these designs. Our gold cluster rings’ prices, perhaps?

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