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Give your Wardrobe a Whimsical Twist with Rose Gold Jewellery Designs

Let’s admit it. Despite all the romantic and feminine qualities attached to it, pink is not in everybody’s aesthetic good book. While there are people who love everything pink, from cotton candies and Barbie dolls to clothing and gadgets, there are many who raise an eyebrow the minute they see anything remotely pink. Neither of them, however, associates pink with class, grace, or elegance. Well, it looks like the colour pink needs a strong and universally appealing candidate to plead its case. Here, we present to you the trendy, classy, elegant, and unconventionally beautiful rose gold jewellery designs.

Rose Gold Jewellery Designs through Ages

Over the last few decades, ornaments made of rose gold have carved a niche which many other metals had a tough time achieving. So, what is rose gold and when and how did it become a trend that is hard to resist? Here is everything you should know before you buy rose gold jewellery designs.

To begin with, rose gold is an alloy made by mixing gold with copper. It’s the presence of copper that gives the metal its charming pink hue. Typically, when you buy 18kt rose gold jewellery designs, they contain 75% of gold and 20% of copper. The remaining 5% is comprised of -you guessed it right- silver! The alloy, as the name suggests, has a warm pink hue and is also known by other names such as blush gold, rose gold, and red gold.

Did you know that rose gold was once referred to as Russian gold? Rose gold jewellery was in vogue in Russia during the early twentieth century and that’s how the metal got this nickname. The metal was not favoured by many designers and jewellers until in 1924 the renowned French designer Louis Cartier introduced rose gold in his iconic trinity ring. Cartier and his trinity ring gave rose gold a new lease of life and today, the metal is used for making a wide range of jewellery including rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Rose Gold Rings to Adorn Your Hands

Are you tired and bored of wearing conventional gold ornaments? Kiss them goodbye without qualms and buy rose gold jewellery online from us. Our collection includes creatively crafted ornaments that radiate a whimsical and otherworldly charm. Take a look at our rose gold ring collection. Have you ever seen anything as trendy and quirky as the designs featured there? We doubt it. From flowers to hearts and open rings to two finger rings, you name it and we have it all.

The Exquisite Tulip Ring and the Enchanted Tulip Ring feature, as their names suggest, beautiful tulips made of rose gold. If the rose is your flower, go for our Winter Rose Ring or the Wild Rose Ring. Other popular pieces in our floral collection are the Salient Floral Ring, the Estella Ring, and the Denica Ring.

Is love in the air? You could definitely do with a heart-shaped ring made of the ever-romantic rose gold. The Terra Rose Quartz Ring and the Florence Love Ring both feature a heart-shaped rose quartz set in an 18kt rose gold body. If you fancy some playful designs, go for our Love Pill Ring or the Hundred Mg Love Ring.

For those who want to make a unique fashion statement with rose gold and pearls, we have open ring designs like the Asbah Ring, two-finger designs like the Pearla Ring, and stunningly fashionable pieces like the Pearl Cloud Ring and the Megan Ring. Cart them and make them yours right away!

Buy Rose Gold Jewellery Designs in Earrings and Pendants

Our rose gold earring collection is nothing short of absolute magnificence. From exquisite studs and stunning drops to charming sui dhagas and trendy hoops, this eclectic display has everything you need to up your bling quotient. The popular picks of our customers include the Ashley Butterfly Earrings, the Alice Hoop Earrings, the Driplet Sui Dhaga Earrings, and the Matilda Drop Earrings, to mention a few.

If you are a true fashionista, you cannot say no to our rose gold pendant designs. From floral designs that include the Delicate Dahlia Pendant to religious designs like the Abel Cross Pendant, the collection is truly diverse and mesmerising. If you have a thing for butterfly or heart designs, you are sure to find a pendant that pulls the strings of your heart in our display that contains the Cher Pendant, the Maxima Butterfly Pendant, and many such mind-blowing designs. We can go on and on, but why don’t you check out our collection yourself before you buy rose gold jewellery designs from us?

Fanciful Rose Gold Jewellery Designs to Adorn Your Neck and Wrists

When it comes to neck ornaments, our rose gold collection is several cuts above the ordinary. From simple designs like the Breezy Tulip Necklace to ornate pieces like the Florintina Tulip Necklace, our range has everything you need to turn a few (quite a few, actually) heads wherever you are headed to. For modern day brides who want to display their wifedom in utmost panache, the designers at BlueStone have come up with a fabulous range of rose gold mangalsutra designs including the Mesmerizing Tulip Mangalsutra and the Celestial Tulip Mangalsutra.

That’s not all! You can now buy rose gold bangles, bracelets, and nose pins which are hard to find in the traditional collections of offline jewellers. We present to you our Janaya Bangle, Eleanor Bracelet, and the Roos Nose Pin and rest our case there!

Our rose gold jewellery prices are easy on your wallet, so you can bid sayonara to your conventional gold jewellery without thinking twice. If you are a lover of pink, our collection will make you fall for the colour once again. If you are a critic of pink, these exceptionally graceful pieces will make you revisit everything you ever thought about the colour.

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