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Rose Gold Necklaces

Pink is the New Yellow: Rose Gold Necklaces for the Modern Fashionistas

Take a look, a good look, at the jewellery collections you see around. Flip through the pages of fashion magazines. Flick through fashion channels for a few minutes. Do you see pink everywhere, as if you are looking through at them a pink tinted glass? No, you needn’t book an appointment with your optometrist; your eyes are perfectly fine. What you see is one of the rising trends in the jewellery industry – rose gold ornaments! Everyone and their mother is talking about rose gold jewellery and fashionistas of the twenty-first century are besotted by its unconventional charm.  We, at BlueStone, offer you a fabulous array of jewellery made of 18kt rose gold and our rose gold necklace designs are among the most-coveted pieces in the collection.

What is Rose Gold?

First things first! What exactly is rose gold and why is it called so? When pure gold is mixed with copper, we get an alloy with a beautiful and gentle pink hue. That’s rose gold, also known by other names such as red gold, rose gold, and blush gold. The presence of copper gives gold the pink colour, and as the copper content varies, we get gold with different shades of pink. The necklace designs offered by BlueStone are made of 18kt rose gold which typically comprises of 75 % gold and 20 % copper while silver constitutes the remaining 5 %.

Know Rose Gold Before You Buy Rose Gold Necklace Online

As an unconventional alloy of gold that popped up in the world of jewellery of late and took it by storm, rose gold calls for a short introduction. To begin with, jewellery made of rose gold is not a new trend as many would think but it was in vogue among Russian royalty during the early nineteenth century. Back then, rose gold was known by, you guessed it right, Russian Gold!

Rose gold jewellery made a historic comeback in the first quarter of the twentieth century, thanks to two famous French men. In the 1920s, the renowned French writer and artist Jean Cocteau commissioned Louis Cartier, a French designer to make a ring for him. The ring Cartier designed for Cocteau, which later came to be known as Trinity Ring, featured three intertwining bands made of yellow, white, and rose gold. Rose gold was widely used in the making of wedding bands since then.

Even though the popularity of rose gold died out during the Art Deco period, it made a full and remarkable reentry a few decades ago. Today, it is the first choice of any modern fashionista who wants to break away from the conventional gold ornaments.

Buy Rose Gold Necklaces Online From BlueStone

The designers at BlueStone have created an impressive range of rose gold necklaces that are sure to find their way onto your necks, and needless to say, into your hearts. The whimsical shade of pink is ideal for making necklaces in floral and foliage themes and we do offer a mind-blowing collection of floral necklaces made of 18kt rose gold.

Take a look at our Florintina Tulip Necklace and you would want to look at it forever, till eternity. Such is the charm and splendor of this piece which features beautiful tulip buds accented with 66 sparkling diamonds. The intricate design and the beautiful floral pattern make it an ideal pick for parties, weddings, and other royal galas.  

The Dewy Tulip Necklace is another timeless piece in our collection. It is simple and less intricate. But what it lacks in intricacy, it makes up for in elegance and timeless appeal. The Breezy Tulip Necklace, another fast-moving item in our display, will enchant you with its stunning beauty. These necklaces have everything to win your hearts – the warmth of pink colour, the sheen of gold and yes, highly competitive rose gold necklace prices.

Gift Rose Gold Necklace Designs to Your Loved Ones

If you want to give tulips a miss and look for something else in our floral collection, set your eyes on our Docia Necklace. It features three beautiful pink flowers accented with sparkling diamonds. You can buy our Docia ring, pendant, earrings, and bracelets to form a complete set and complete your look. Match them with the right accessories and outfits and you are all set to grab glances of envy and appreciation from everyone around. The Docia collection is an ideal gift men can give their loved ones on anniversaries and other special occasions.  

Planning to give your woman a unique gift this Valentine’s Day or on her birthday? Don’t think twice. Just pick our Evelyn Love Necklace which speaks volumes of love, not just figuratively but literally too. The piece features a heart shaped stone set amidst the letters ‘Love’, so she wouldn’t miss the piece of heart (and love) you are offering her. The Tara Heart Necklace, which features three pink butterflies and a dangling pearl, is another popular pick of our customers.

So why wait? Buy rose gold necklace designs to give your jewellery collection a whimsical and dreamy appeal. Pink is on its way to become the new yellow, after all!


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