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Women's Diamond Jewellery

Designed for Love: Women’s Diamond Jewellery Designs

Diamonds are forever! Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! All cliché but all true. There is nothing that speaks of class and elegance like a diamond. It’s the effortless style statement. You can be sure to get eyes glued to your rock as it mesmerises and pulls everyone in its awe. Whatever your needs, we have it in diamonds! From earrings, pendants, rings, bangles, nose pins, necklaces, bracelets to even mangalsutras, choose BlueStone to be your diamond guide. From conventional to the contemporary times, in yellow, rose and white gold, platinum and enamel, gather your complete diamond set now at BlueStone.

Flirting with Diamonds: Special Occasions

For the countless special moments and events in your life, pair a diamond along! Rings like the Velma Ring, the Sylvia Ring, and the magnificent tulip Ring promise to add zing to any celebration. To bring radiance to your party, add some exquisite diamond danglers and earrings to your collection- studs like the Gale Earrings, the Mayurakshi Earrings or the Galliano Earrings, danglers like the Isara Earring or the peacock influenced the Regal Feather Earrings and the floral beauties like the Pink Poppies Earring, the Sawyer Drop Earrings or the Elsa Drop Earrings. The Love Divine Stud Earrings and the Scintillating Bloom Stud Earrings are for lovers of the heart shape. The Mohini Detachable Jhumka and the Ornate Affair Earrings with their shine and slender design are pre-requisites in any wardrobe.

Start your Ultimate Love Affair: A Diamond for all Your Needs

Diamonds make a great subtle style statement at the work place so BlueStone has some designs that you must absolutely possess to complete your wardrobe. The Twin Wingflow design, the dual magic of yellow and in the Dahab Paisley Ring in white gold and the rose gold marvel of the Gentle Tulip are enchanting diamond rings for the working woman. Earrings like in the diamond stud collection -the Hamsa Earrings, in the rose gold collection, the Dawnelle Stud Earrings, and the Caryl Stud Earrings. Or are you looking for diamond bangles that go with your western office attire? Well, no worries! We have the Grazia Bangle, the Lynnna Bnagle, and the Candid Journey Bangle. Their sleek bands with soft small diamonds tied firmly along will add grace and charm to your attire.

From Pendants to Nose Pins and Everything in Between

Break your everyday monotony with some diamond sparkle. Want diamonds to be a part of your everyday ensemble? Well, choose from our Everyday collection! We have simple, yet eye-catching range of pendants like – the Spirya Pendant, the Italia Q Pendant, and the Flowerina Pendant.

Place the diamond bracelet collection from Bluestone to add luminance to your life. The Striking Flora Bracelet and the Caressing Flora Bracelet will do just that. Also wearing our light-weighted pendants will add delight to your daily schedule. So choose from the Playful Flora Pendant in gold, the Ebony Radiance Pendant, the Yumalis Pendant or the Miles to Go Pendant.

For lovers of nose pins to adorn your face, look at our women’s diamond jewellery designs and prepared to be amazed by the Hyacinth Nose Screw, the Mallow Nose Screw, or in floral the Vervain Nose Screw and the Germanium Nose screw. We also have an exotic range of necklaces that you may want to flaunt in your vacation even if you don’t wear one everyday. So glam up with a gold collection of the Giana Line Necklace, the Hayley Necklace, the Jannina necklace and the dramatic flair of the Eye Of Evil Necklace.

Tying the Knot with a Diamond Bond: Mangalsutras

A start to a golden relationship should always have an element of eternity and what better than a diamond. It signifies the eternal promise that the couple takes to be wedded in happiness and sorrow. Seal those vows with a diamond mangalsutra. Buy women’s diamond jewellery online at Bluestone where there is something for all occasions and for all reasons. And what bigger reason than the most important day of your life! We have more than the 100+ designs for mangalsutras for your special day. The Vanmayi Mangalsutra, the Aditri Mangalsutra, the Shakuntala Mangalsutra and the Padmaja Mangalsutra have a pious and auspicious serenity to them with their central diamond designs entwined in gold and black beads. For some neo-modern designs look at the Prayushi Mangalsutra, the Parijat mangalsutra, the Madhurima Mangalsutra and the Enakshi Mangalsutra for their eclectic designs.

To Strengthen the Soul: Religious Diamond Jewellery

Keep your connection with The Almighty strong with some stupendous designs like the Avighna Pendant, the Prosperity Pendant, the Pramoda Pendant, the Sacred Ek Onkar Pendant, the Allen cross Pendant and the Fadheela Pendant at BlueStone exclusively. The Damru Pendant and the lotus designed Adi Alkshmi Pendant are pure pieces of spirituality and devotion.

Women’s diamond jewellery prices would have probably never made you so jubiliant. Browse through our collection of women’s diamond jewellery online and fall in love with your favourite designs in fashion, fusion, classic, and lightweight jewellery. Our 30 Day Money Back and Home try-on offers exist to keep you happy as you decide on your valuable jewellery.

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