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Keep Calm and Shine On with Women’s Diamond Earring Designs

The charm of diamonds is undeniable, period! For centuries, men and women have been mesmerised by these iridescent gemstones. Finely cut diamonds capture light from multiple directions to give you sparkling pieces of jewellery. A pair of diamond earrings – whether they are petite studs, classic hoops, or long, dangling Sui Dhagas – is bound to give the wearer a timeless elegance. With BlueStone offering an eclectic array of women’s diamond earring designs, you can now claim a share to this elegance without spending a fortune. From classic settings to modern interpretations of the same, our dazzling array is sure to leave you spellbound when you buy women’s diamond earring designs from us.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages: Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are simple accessories for any ensemble. When diamonds are included in the design, they become all the more covetable. Not convinced? Take a look at some of the pieces in our diamond stud collection and you will be. The heart-shaped Ziel Earrings have a diamond-filled outline set on white gold, which makes this design an eye-catching accessory. The Head Over Heels Stud Earrings made of gold and the Amy Earrings made of rose gold are other heart-shaped studs favoured by our customers.

If you prefer the undying charm of flowers, go for our floral studs like the Gale Earrings or the Pink Poppy Earrings. Another design trending this season is the diamond cluster earrings which feature several small diamonds cleverly positioned to create the illusion of a large diamond. Take a look at our Angostura Earrings and the Delilah Earrings and you will be amazed by the mega sparkle they radiate. However, if a single diamond is what you need to display your panache, we have got designs like the Teasing Floral Earrings and the Charlet Stud Earrings. With their eye-catchy designs, these diamond stud earrings are bound to give any outfit a lovely aura.

Hoops to Keep You Hooked: Diamond Hoop Earrings

Hoops entered the world of jewellery centuries ago and they still continue to charm women of all ages. Our diamond hoops collection is a fitting tribute to this classic design that stood the test of time. From full hoops to half hoops and huggies to twisted hoops, this sparkling collection has a little something for everyone.

Isara Earrings have a gold setting with a row of diamonds highlighting the curve. Their petite structure makes them suitable for a professional setting as well as for an evening out. The Inelia Earrings and the Delkash Earrings have a similar full-hoop design. If you prefer half-hoops, choose the Menaara Hoop Earrings or the Selene Earrings. The Cordial Leaves Hoop earrings are perfect if you want to add a bit of nature to your ensemble. For a more celestial approach, opt for the Astra Earrings which feature multiple rows of diamonds are set on a gold loop.

As Timeless as Diamonds: Sui Dhaga Designs

Sui Dhaga earrings, one of the most sought after patterns in our long earrings collection, walk the fine line between traditional designs and contemporary detailing. When these earrings (which resemble a needle and a thread as the name suggests) are accompanied by the beauty of diamonds, they make a fine accessory for your special occasions. Here are a few designs you could consider.

The Ornate Affair Earrings feature a chandelier-like arrangement of delicate drops highlighted with diamonds. With its gold setting, this pair is perfect for a classy ensemble. The In Sync Earrings have a more abstract approach with a design depicting a chain-link pattern. This minimalist design entwines yellow and white tone gold effortlessly with a decoration of diamonds to complete its look. The Romantic Moment Earrings and the Joyous Heart Drop Earrings both feature the heart shape in them while the Floralia Trail Earrings and the Tiya Sui Dhaga Earrings come in the eye-catchy floral theme. These Sui Dhagas characterised by their slim, dangling silhouettes are graceful accents for any ensemble.

Drops of Sunshine: Buy Women’s Diamond Earrings Online

Diamonds are for everyone; so are drops! Whether they are short drops like Blissful Love Earrings or long drops like the Fantine Drop Earrings, these sparkling beauties enhance the beauty of your face in a jiffy. The Empyrean Drop Earrings and the Beatitude Earrings have a similar design with golden flowers and white leaves both encrusted with diamonds. The Circular Marvellous Dangler Earrings, on the other hand, are a combination of blushing rose gold and white diamonds. Designed as meticulously detailed wreaths, these lend you an aura of warmth. When you buy women’s diamond earrings online from us, you can also consider floral wonders like the Floral Wave Drop Earrings and contemporary designs like the Ellesse Drop Earrings.

Truly, Madly, Deeply Indian: Jhumkas and Chand Balis

Can any collection of women’s diamond earring designs be complete without jhumkas and chand balis? The answer is an emphatic no. When these traditionally Indian designs are accented with the twinkle of diamonds, you get, hands down, a winner! The Ethnic Meenakshi Jhumka is a re-interpretation of the traditional design while the Alamas Detachable Jhumka combines beauty with the convenience of two-in-one designs. Although chand balis, the crescent moon shaped earrings that originated during the Nizam era in Hyderabad, originally used pearls, their diamond-studded varieties are a great hit with modern women. The Dilkash Earrings, the Naila Earrings, and the Afroza Earrings are a few designs you could consider from our women’s diamond earring collection.

Carefully curated for the tastes of a fashionista, these earring designs are available in a dizzying variety. What’s more, BlueStone ensures that the women’s diamond earring price remains competitive and affordable, so you never have to put off buying a pair that catches your eye.

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