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Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery

Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery: Celebrate Your Style

If you are a jewellery enthusiast, you will agree that different pieces of jewellery befit different occasions. On the same note, there are different occasions when people indulge in buying various kinds of jewellery. In India, the most auspicious day for buying jewellery is considered to be Akshaya Tritiya. On this particular day, people across the country welcome success, wealth, and good luck into their lives by purchasing gold jewellery. Yes, Akshaya Tritiya jewellery is symbolic of our traditional values while providing a scope to flaunt your unique style.

The Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

The date falls on the third lunar day of the bright lunar fortnight in the month of Baisakha in the Hindu calendar (April/May in the Gregorian calendar). Also known as Akti in Chhattisgarh and Akha Teej in Rajasthan and Gujarat, it is one of the holiest days for the Jains and Hindus. Akshaya is a Sanskrit word that means imperishable. The day is believed to herald in good luck and success and so, it is considered auspicious to start new ventures on this particular day. This is one of the main reasons why people initiate their new business, construction works, or other ventures on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. Kubera, the treasurer of the Gods and the richest deity is believed to have received his wealth and position as the custodian of wealth and property on this day. Since the day promises to bring in everlasting fortune, people mark the occasion by buying jewellery to their heart’s content.

The Appeal of Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery Designs

Traditionally, people have been purchasing gold on Akshaya Tritiya in the form of coins or ornaments. But with the changing times, Akshaya Tritiya jewellery designs in gold, white gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals and gemstones have started to attract people’s attention. The bottom line is to appease the lady of good fortune to enter their lives and remain with them all through the year and beyond, and Akshaya Tritiya provides them the perfect occasion to do so.

While jewellery is considered to be predominantly an all-women affair for most occasions, Akshaya Tritiya stands out to be different from the rest. It is one of those events where men are equally keen to buy Akshaya Tritiya jewellery designs specially crafted to adorn them. 

BlueStone’s Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery Designs: Crafted to Perfection

If you are wondering where to look for the very best of Akshaya Tritiya jewellery designs, then think no more. BlueStone, the leading online jeweller that offers incredible ornaments and jewels brings to you a wide array of intricately crafted jewellery items befitting the occasion. Although Akshaya Tritiya comes just once a year, you can now indulge in buying Akshaya Tritiya jewellery designs all year round with our scintillating online collection. We have a mesmerising collection of pendants, rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chains, and nose pins. You name it and we have it.

With the fabulously crafted pieces in our collection, men can now appease not just the lady of fortune but the lady love of their life too. Woo your girl with the Gold Kiss Heart Pendant from our collection; bring a smile on her lips by slipping the Halle Ring on her tender finger or surprise her with a pair of the Gwyneth Earrings.

Women looking for something unique to gift the special man in their life can go for the two-tone Noble Man Ring or the Infinitum Band for Him. Gift the Vedaanth Kada for Him and watch him break into a smile of appreciation in no time!

There’s something for everyone in our collection. You just have to select the one destined for you. We have designed our Akshaya Tritiya jewellery range in gold, white gold, and platinum, so you won’t be short of choice ever. But the best part is that our Akshaya Tritiya jewellery price won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

With the quality and craftsmanship we provide along with our competitive prices, BlueStone is your best bet to buy Akshaya Tritiya jewellery online.

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