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Women's Diamond Bangles

Women’s Diamond Bangles: A Journey from the Womb

Valaikaapu meaning ‘bangles of protection’ is a traditional South Indian ritual that is practiced in many homes to adorn the expectant mother with bangles of gold, silver, and glass. It is similar to a baby shower that is celebrated in many other parts of India and abroad as well. Why are bangles significant? The sense of hearing develops in a foetus as early as 18 weeks of gestation and is honed further by 24 weeks. In about 25-26 weeks the baby in the womb reacts to various noises in the outside world. The tingling sound of the mother’s bangles is like music to the baby’s ears. Traditionally bangles had a simple cylindrical pattern and they were worn as early as 2600 BC.

Bangles made of gold and diamonds are an important accessory in the Indian culture and regarded auspicious by many. Buy women’s diamond bangles online from BlueStone where we have over 70 designs for you to choose from.

Buy Women’s Diamond Bangle Designs: You Cannot Keep Your Hands Off

Bela means Jasmine flowers in Hindi; let the Bela Bangle stylishly slide and encircle your elegant hands with diamonds all around. The Chaya Bangle interspersed with flowers filled with diamonds has the traditional and festive charm.

If festivals are all about gratitude for the divine and invoking blessings, adorn our festive collection bangles and seek blessings with your hands in prayer! The kada style in bangles is a much sought after design as a single bangle makes a signature style statement when worn. The grand and gala Monille Bangle with the clasp pattern makes a celebration auspicious and special. Celebrate in style with the curvy Tanyata Bangle and Nipuna Bangle. The Netra Lattice Bangle has a lattice pattern that is embellished with diamonds.

Let these scintillating floral designs studded with diamonds adorn your graceful hands and add beauty to your spirit. Keeping up with the latest trend, these designs have an open setting on top which makes them functionally simpler to slip on without compromising on the looks. The Manjari Flexible Pendant has two petite flowers decked in diamonds. The tiny hearts on one side of The Puneetha Flexible Pendant will make your heart jump with joy.

Women's Diamond Bangle Designs: Bangles with a Twist

If aesthetically created interesting diamond bangle designs are what you are looking for, then look no further than our Artistic Rebel collection. The Mughal Emperors combined the Indian bangles with Persian designs, and popularised haath phool jewellery. Originally worn by Mughal and Rajput royalty, these designs are now brought alive in The Nousha Haathphool bangle in white gold with a ring delicately connected to the bangle. The Katayun Oval Bangle has a regal design in white gold in the open setting while the Sylth Bangle has twin flames looking ablaze with diamonds in gold.

Oval Bangles have a slightly tapered angle that curiously crosses over the traditional bangle design. Let the Grazia Bangle’s overlapping diamonds tenderly clasp your precious hands. The asymmetric Tairyt Bangle has a fluid design to it, while the Miles to Go Bangle can double up as your Journey Bangle too!

Bluestone’s Diamond Bangle Designs: Hand in Hand for Every Occasion

At BlueStone we have specially crafted diamond bangles for special occasions. Whatever be the occasion, a diamond bangle from BlueStone is here for you. The Special Occasion collection has an array of bangles to perfectly sum up your celebration. The Karynytte Bangle and Ryalit Bangle in solid gold and the Aasna Bangle with intricate patterns in white gold will make the perfect gifts of your choice.

This valentine season, gift bangles for the hands that you love to hold! Let her wear your heart on her wrist with the design of entwined hearts filled with diamonds in the Aaralyn Oval Bangle. The Aimee Oval bangle has a classic two tone design in yellow and white gold.

Check out our women's diamond bangles’ prices. Unbelievable, aren’t they? Choose a stunning diamond bangle design that suits your every need and let the hands that rock the cradle and the corporate world alike, sparkle with diamonds.

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