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White Gold Bangles

Yellow or White, Gold is Gold

When someone talks of gold, the picture that comes in front of one’s eyes is glittering yellow coloured metal. On the contrary, when someone exhibits their white gold jewellery, eyebrows rise as high as their forehead as it may be of platinum, the more precious metal. As they say, ‘what’s in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. Yellow or white, it doesn’t make much difference because both kinds of gold are precious.

Is White Gold, White?

The gold that appears white is called white gold. In contrast to the gold, it is newer and more trending. Buyers usually are petrified or discouraged to buy white gold jewellery only because they have misconceptions about the affordability. Platinum is the form of metal that comes to one’s mind when white gold is talked about. But it is not so. Nickel, silver, rhodium or platinum: anything combined with gold appears to be white while copper alloyed gold is pink in colour and called red gold. Well, the purity is not compromised as these metals not only make them attractive but also sturdier.

Name it and You have it

Again, it is a misconception that only finger rings are made of white gold. Wake up folks!

Any and every fashion jewellery can be made with white gold including earrings, bangles, and necklaces. In fact, the white gold necklaces and earrings outshine the yellow ones. The new age women and girls prefer style than any other feature. And evidently, the Bollywood divas flaunt their diamond studded white gold earrings and bangles almost at every occasion.

Never Out of Fashion

Bangles are such intrinsic piece of jewellery that one cannot ignore. The bangles make the dressing complete. Often, women look for bangles that match their attire and rest of the jewellery like earrings or necklace. Years ago, wearing bangles from the elbow to wrist was much in fashion. But, the current generation is happy to adorn a single bangle or a set of six bangles. Interestingly, bangles give you a complete look, especially when you are dressed in ethnic. It may not be that girls wear bangles every day but on special occasions they sure pick them.

Bangles: A Must Possession

Buy white gold bangles online only from BlueStone. You will have to see to believe this. The classy women have a choice of Widyat or Pedra bangle. They appear simple, yet elegant reflecting the personality. The bangles with blue topaz alternating with diamonds all over the rim of the bangle are so pretty that you really don’t need any other bangles to enhance them. For those peppy kinds, BlueStone offers them to buy white gold bangle designs that resemble a bracelet like the Shamala flexible bangle. It is easy to wear and it does not look like a bangle so any kind of apprehension of looking older won’t surface.  White gold bangle designs at BlueStone will entice you enough with their elegance and beauty that you won’t mind shelling out the amount for white gold bangles price.

Girls, set out to pick the bangle with pearls or topaz or even blue sapphire, believe us, it will be one of your most prized possession.

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