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White Gold Necklaces

Yellow Gold Jewellery

Gold has been in use for making ornaments from times immemorial. The yellow metal though is not sturdy unless combined with copper, is the most used metal for making jewellery. The quality that it does not react with any solvents is the reason behind its extensive utilisation. Leaving alone science and scientific reasoning, polishing enhances the shine of the metal so much that there could not be a second thought for this metal.

White Gold Jewellery

Yellow is the colour that comes to mind when gold is mentioned. It is rather a revelation that gold be called white. Believe it or not, it is the fact. White gold is an alloy of gold with one more white coloured metal like nickel, manganese or palladium. The purity of this gold is also measured in karats. Nickel alloy is used to make rings and pins while gold-palladium alloy is relatively softer and is used for embedding gemstones.

Rhodium plated gold is the authentic white gold as it does not get worn out easily. Platinum belongs to the same group of rhodium, so platinum is also called as white gold. If you are surprised at this, then digest this too. There is red and green gold as well, the colour depends on the proportion of silver and copper added to it that gives these colours.

White Gold Necklaces

When you want to buy white gold necklaces online, you just need to go to BlueStone. Here you will find awesome jewellery, especially neckwear. The ruby and diamond studded necklace in exclusive designs will definitely raise many brows. The Sassy Femme Necklace which has a dancing peacock with diamonds studded in it is really a must possession. You can buy white gold necklace designs according to your taste from the wide array of the necklace collection at BlueStone.  For those who want to express their love and also exhibit it, there is a diamond white gold necklace with Love entangled in the chain. This 18 kt white gold necklace is the best gift for loved ones. If words are not obligatory then even a heart in the heart can be picked.

Do not go wild about the pinch in your pocket as white gold necklaces price has ample options to suit your every budget. White gold sounds to be inferior to the yellow ones but they aren’t. Rather, it is the ‘happening’ gold as it is trendy with the younger lot who love to wear jewellery but not the yellow one. Before you place an order, check white gold necklace designs here and decide for yourself.

Be the centre of attraction at a party by wearing a white gold necklace!

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