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The Ultimate Symbol of Romance: Gold Locket Pendants

Have you ever wanted to carry a piece of memory with you, quite literally? You are not alone. People always wanted to keep relics and memories as close to their hearts as possible. That’s probably why our ancestors invented the smartest form of jewellery ever. Yes, we are talking about lockets!

In the Victorian era, a locket pendant was a must have for every fashionable woman. Inside the locket could be found a portrait of a lover, a lock of hair or even a tiny love letter. A locket was seen not just as a fashion accessory but as a romantic symbol as it kept the woman’s most treasured possession close to her heart. For true romantics, gold locket pendant designs never lost their charm and are as favoured today as they were centuries ago.

Common Locket Pendant Themes

Locket pendants can be made in many shapes and sizes. Locket pendants that are intended to hold photographs usually feature a frame on both the inner halves of the pendant. Lockets that are meant to store a lock of hair may have a glass face that allows the hair to be seen without the locket being opened. Circular, oval or rectangular pendants have always been very popular. However, when it comes to locket pendants that hold a picture of a lover, nothing is more popular than a heart-shaped pendant. While some claim that this iconic shape originated in the seventh century BC, others believe that it gained popularity as a symbol of love only in the middle ages. No matter where and how the symbol may have originated, nobody can argue with the fact that this shape is the most common representation of love today.

Yellow, the Glow of Love

Red may be the universal colour of love but the glow of gold has always made a woman’s heart beat faster. After all, gold speaks of classic style and timeless love. Our range of new designs in gold locket pendants is ideal for a woman to gift herself or to receive as a gift from someone else. If you’re looking for a modern, minimal styled locket, take a look at the Quest of Love Openable Pendant in our collection. Those who are looking for something with a little sparkle can opt for the Season of Love Openable Pendant. Both these lockets are shaped like a heart. The difference between them is that the latter features a tiny diamond-studded heart in the design.

What Colour is your Love?

One of the benefits of shopping with us at BlueStone is that you can choose to customise aspects of the design when you buy gold locket pendant designs. Gold is traditionally seen as yellow but it does not always have to be so. The colour of gold is determined by the metals is alloyed with to stabilise it. When gold is mixed with zinc or copper, it gets a bright yellow hue. If it is mixed with nickel or palladium, we get an alloy that is white in colour – i.e. white gold. In the case of white gold, the gold is given a further coating of rhodium to make the white colour stand out. Our gold locket pendant collection can be crafted in both yellow and white gold depending on your personal preferences. Fun fact- apart from yellow and white, gold can also have a green, pink or black hue.

The Best way to Wear Gold Locket Pendants

The length of a chain from which a locket pendant can be hung depends on two factors. Firstly, how heavy the pendant is. Jewellers typically advise a short chain for light pendants and a long chain for heavier pendants. Your personal style preferences also play an important role in this decision. Women who have slender necks that they would like to draw attention to could wear a locket pendant on a collar length chain. However, women who would like to draw attention away from their necks could pick a longer chain. The standard length of a choker chain is 16 inches. A chain that measures 18 inches will sit on the collar bones while a locket on a 24-inch chain will sit just above your bust line.

How to Buy Gold Locket Pendant Designs?

Traditionally, buying gold jewellery was seen as a time-consuming affair. It involved walking in and out of a million stores to see the different designs available. Today, you can pick between an even more extensive range from the comfort of your home when you shop online with us. At BlueStone, our designers strive to present you with the best gold locket pendant designs. With us, you will find not only designs of trendy gold locket pendants online but also classic designs that never go out of style.

It has never been easier to buy gold locket pendants online. One of the main reasons women hesitate buying gold jewellery online is that they can’t try the ornaments on before taking a decision. At BlueStone, we understand this and give you the opportunity to try on a piece of jewellery at home before you commit to it. You can also customise the colour of gold being used and its carat value. The carat value of gold refers to the amount of pure gold being used in comparison to the other metals. Pure gold is known as 24 carat gold but this type of gold cannot hold its shape for long. All our gold locket pendant designs are made in 22carat gold but can be customised and made in 18 carat gold and 14 carat gold. For diamond studded jewellery, you can also customise the cut, clarity and colour of the stones to make a design fit your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite gold locket design and find a picture you would like to preserve in it.

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