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Women's Akshaya Tritiya Rings

Celebrate Tradition with Women’s Akshaya Tritiya Ring Designs

A true jewellery enthusiast needs neither a reason nor an occasion to buy ornaments. Every reason and every occasion are good enough for her to bring some beautiful pieces of jewellery home. That having said, there are times when tradition gives you an additional impetus and the perfect excuse to invest in jewellery. When tradition calls and jewellers display their innovative designs with attractive discounts, no woman should say no to her favourite piece of jewellery, should she?

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is one such occasion in India when you can respond enthusiastically to the call of tradition and indulge in buying jewellery. BlueStone always comes up with an exciting range of Akshaya Tritiya jewellery for women. If you are making a list of ornaments to buy this year, consider adding an exquisite piece from our women’s Akshaya Tritiya ring designs.

A Quick Glance at the History of Akshaya Tritiya

As an Indian, you must be familiar with the importance of Akshaya Tritiya - the holy and auspicious day for starting new ventures and making new investments. According to popular Hindu beliefs, the day brings in prosperity, luck, wealth, and wellbeing and hence, it has become a custom for people to spend a whopping amount of money to buy gold and jewellery on this day.

Until a few years ago, gold coins were the preferred choice of people who wanted to make an investment on Akshaya Tritiya. With many jewellers offering exclusive Akshaya Tritiya jewellery collections, you can now purchase mind-blowing ornaments to welcome wealth and prosperity. Unsurprisingly, the jewellery shops across India are crowded during this time of the year. The good news is that you can now buy women’s Akshaya Tritiya rings online from BlueStone and save yourself from the trouble of shopping at crowded stores. What’s more? We run attractive offers and deals on selected pieces to make your shopping a delightful experience.

Buy Women’s Akshaya Tritiya Ring Designs in Gold

Plain gold rings without any stone embellishments not only exude a timeless charm but also make a smart investment option. That’s why you should be choosing from our plain gold ring collection that includes the Waves in Circle Ring, the Peacock Vivacity Ring, and the Twirled Wonder Ring, to mention a few. Those who prefer religious designs can opt for our Om Prakash Ring which features the letters OM etched on the 22kt gold body of the band.

Flowers make every occasion special. Rings made in beautiful floral patterns are fine picks for Akshaya Tritiya. Take, for instance, the Floral Order Ring and the Blossoming Beauty Ring in our collection. These simple yet elegant designs made of 22kt gold will enchant you all through the year and beyond. The Sovereign Flower Ring, yet another popular piece in our collection, abounds in beauty and elegance. You wouldn’t want to wait for another year to add this ring to your collection, would you?

White God Ring Designs for Akshaya Tritiya

A few years ago, people wouldn’t have chosen anything other than solid gold ornaments on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. Times have changed; so have jewellery trends. Today, you can welcome luck and wealth with beautifully designed white gold rings studded with diamonds.

The Subtle Haven Ring, with a solitaire preset on its white gold body, is an excellent pick for those who want to invest in a luxurious solitaire this season. If you prefer the sparkle of multiple diamonds, go for our Alisa Ring which features 21 twinkling diamonds. The Ever Beautiful Ring in our collection is just that- an ever beautiful ring that adds sparkle to your jewellery collection.

Women’s Akshaya Tritiya Rings in Platinum

They say platinum is forever. When you want to bring in luck and wealth that lasts forever, platinum rings are an ideal choice. At BlueStone, we offer a fine collection of platinum bands for women to buy on this Akshaya Tritiya. If you are a fan of the classic plain band design, our Cohort Band for Her and the Odyssey Band for Her are the best picks to adorn your fingers.

Nothing can beat the beauty of platinum when it is accented by the sparkle of diamonds. The Destine Band for Her, a fast-selling piece in our collection, features diamonds studded all around its platinum body. The Treasured Band for Her is truly a treasure for women who want make an investment while the Spellbound Band for Her justifies its name by leaving you spellbound with its beauty. The Frivolity Band for Her and the Wanderlove Band for Her are some of the platinum ring designs you can choose from our women’s Akshaya Tritiya ring collection.

Take Home the Beauty of White and Gold with Two-tone Ring Designs

Are you finding it difficult to decide whether you should go for the timeless beauty of yellow or the contemporary radiance of white gold? Worry not. You can get a bit of both when you buy women’s Akshaya Tritiya ring designs in two-tone patterns. The Entwined Leafy Ring and the Entwined Appeal Ring are made of 22kt gold and enhanced with the white beauty of rhodium plating.

Many women are opting for statement pieces as an investment nowadays and you can follow suit by choosing our Charlize Ring or Halle Ring. If you are a lover of spectacularly oversized rings, make this Akshaya Tritiya an excuse to take home our Daring Femme Ring. The Calla Ring, another beautiful piece in our collection, is for women who want a stunning ring with some design innovation.

Are you drawn towards more than one ring after browsing through our collection? Are you trying hard to choose between two pieces in our collection? When in doubt, buy both. Our women’s Akshaya Tritiya rings’ prices are within your budget and you can bring fortune home without spending a fortune.

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