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Men's Platinum Jewellery

Men’s Platinum Jewellery: Celebrate Your Style

Do you think men and fashion don’t go hand in hand? Do you believe jewellery is only for women? Well, you are in for a big surprise. Men’s relation with jewellery is as old as women’s. Perhaps, older than women’s! Take a look at the photographs or portraits of kings and emperors from the bygone era. You will be surprised to see the kind of jewellery they wore. Today, men might not want to wear a thick neckpiece or a pair of pearl drops. Modern men like their jewellery subtle and chic. And what can be subtler and chicer than platinum? At BlueStone, we keep up with the changing trends and preferences of people. For the menfolk who want to dazzle in style, we present a fabulous collection of men’s platinum jewellery designs.

History of Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is a dense, malleable metal. The word platinum is derived from the Spanish word ‘platina’, which means ‘little silver’. Though the white colour of platinum makes it look similar to silver, it is rarer and more precious than most other metals. In the world of jewellery, platinum is the second most expensive metal after rhodium. Also, while many people may be allergic to gold and silver, platinum is one such metal that does not cause any allergies.

Ornaments made of platinum are creating a wave among modern and women these days. But don’t think this white metal is a new addition to the family of jewellery. It has been used in jewellery for centuries. Platinum is believed to have been used as early as 3000 years ago by the Egyptians. However, the sources and techniques of molding platinum were lost with time. This metal was discovered once again in the 1600s but mistaken as an unusable form of gold for another 50 years. The first recorded instance of platinum jewellery is from King Louis XVI’s court in France. The famous Kohinoor Diamond is also set in platinum.

Celebrate Togetherness with Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is highly resistant to corrosion and heat, which makes it ideal for making everyday jewellery. This is one of the reasons why platinum finds favour with men looking for wedding bands. For men who prefer plain platinum bands, we have simple designs like the Infinitum Band for Him. Those who want a sparkling diamond or more on their wedding ring can opt for the Wanderlove Band for him. Yet again, many of the designs featured in this collection have matching female versions. You can buy such couple rings and celebrate your marital journey in style.

Why is Platinum Jewellery Popular?

Even in India, a country where nothing talks of social status like gold, platinum is gaining popularity. Rings like the Odyssey Band for Him and the Charnell Love Band for Him are admired by many men. There are many reasons for this. One of the most important factors to buy men’s platinum jewellery designs is the valuation of platinum. Being rare than gold, it is also more expensive. Hence, wearing a ring like the Everafter Band for Him increases one’s social status as well. Platinum is also credited with the ability to maintain its shape, form, and colour over time. It is not immune to scratches but can be easily buffed and polished. Thus, as compared to gold or silver, platinum also has very low maintenance.

Platinum Rings for Men

Our men’s platinum jewellery collection can be grouped under into categories. We offer a range of plain platinum rings, single stone studded rings and multiple stone studded rings. The Cohort Band for Him is the simplest form of a plain platinum ring. To ornament a plain platinum ring, a design may either be etched out or raised. The Bardot Love Band for Him is a beautiful example of the former. The Avignon Love Band for Him and the Axelle Love Band for Him feature raised designs.

A diamond studded platinum ring is considered by many to be the best men’s platinum jewellery. A solitaire setting like the Candide Love Band for Him is popular amongst men who favour classic designs. The Bern Love Band for Him is another such design you can consider. Men who prefer designs with a modern edge may like the Astin Love Band for Him or the Frivolity Love Band for Him. Some men like the sparkle of diamonds as much as women do. In such cases, the Demy Love Band for Him and the Chanell Love Band for Him might be the perfect ring.

Find Trendy Men’s Platinum Jewellery Online

Platinum is a very fashionable metal for creating jewellery for men. A matte finish as seen in the Oriel Love Band for Him is trending at the moment. This is best suited for people who like to keep things less shiny. If you like diamonds, buy men’s platinum jewellery online that feature a diamond flush against the metal. The Frolic Band for Him and the Spellbound Band for Him are two of our bestselling diamond studded platinum rings for men.

How to Buy Men’s Platinum Jewellery?

Whether you are looking for a ring with a single diamond or something bedazzling with multiple diamonds, you are sure to find it in our new designs in men’s platinum jewellery. There are two important aspects to buying jewellery. First, it must suit the wearer’s preferences and secondly it must be of the right size. Whether your taste in jewellery is classic or contemporary, you will find the right designs here in this collection. But pay very close attention to the size of the ring you choose. Unlike gold rings, resizing platinum rings is not very easy. Making a ring bigger or smaller can often mar the finish of the ring. Our ring sizes range from 6 to 30. This makes it easy for you to pick a ring that fits your finger as perfectly as it does your tastes. So, get ready to celebrate yourself in absolute style!

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