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Tourmaline Rings

Tourmaline Ring Designs: For the Love of Colours

When it comes to colourful rings, precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires have long been dominating the jewellery industry. However, a monochromic ruby ring or emerald ring is sometimes so hackneyed, yet so exorbitantly priced that you start looking for an extraordinary and cost-effective alternative. Enter tourmaline, one of the most colourful varieties of all gemstones. Take a look at the tourmaline ring designs offered by BlueStone; extraordinary and exquisite are the words to define the stones you find on each of these designs. This semi-precious cousin of rubies and emeralds will appeal to your heart instantly and find its way to jewellery boxes in no time.

All You Should Know About Tourmaline

History has it that for a long time, tourmalines were mistaken for other stones. Not anymore! Today, the distinctive beauty, colour, and brilliance of these stones will make you identify them from a mile away. This semi-precious stone appears in an unrivalled range of colours, from deep reds and mellow pinks to rich greens and intense blues. Each of these colourful varieties has a name, too. For instance, the colourless variety is known by the name Achroite and the brown variety is called Dravite. The yellow, pink/red, blue, and dark green versions are called Canary, Rubellite, Indicolite, and Chrome tourmaline, respectively.

A fascinating variety of this stone is the Watermelon Tourmaline which, as the name suggests, has green and red colours within one crystal. The Paraiba Tourmaline is a recent addition to the tourmaline family; it was first found in Paraiba, Brazil, and hence the name. The rarity of the stone and its unconventional neon-blue colour makes it a highly desirable and lust-worthy jewel only a few in the world are lucky enough to have. Despair not, if you can’t own a Paraiba. When you buy tourmaline ring designs online from us, you can choose from a mesmerising range of other colourful varieties that suit your state, style, and budget.

Beauty, Thy Name is Pink: Buy Tourmaline Ring Designs at BlueStone

Pink tourmaline, also called Rubellite, is one of the most popular varieties available today. BlueStone’s collection includes a fabulous array of pink tourmaline rings made of yellow and white gold. While some of these designs like the Apolonius Triad Ring use only pink tourmalines, others use them in combination with sparkling diamonds. Pink tourmaline is considered as the primary stone of heart chakra and is used for making chakra jewellery. The Heart Chakra Ring in our collection features a beautiful pink tourmaline set in 18kt gold.

When accented with diamonds, these pink beauties become absolute stunners. The Absolute Spendour Ring is a fine case in point. It has an oval shaped tourmaline set on a white gold band along with diamonds. Pink tourmalines are an excellent pick for making cocktail rings, like the Manzana Ring, the Mauresque Ring, and the Sambuca Ring. The Classic Regal Ring is a halo ring design featuring a pink central stone which is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Parties, anniversaries, or special occasions, you are sure to find the perfect ring from this pink tourmaline collection.

As Dazzling as Emeralds: Green Tourmaline Rings

The first recorded green tourmaline in history dates back to the 1500s. The Spanish conquistador Francisco Spinoza is credited with the discovery of this stone during his expedition. However, the colour and lustre of the stone made him confuse it with emeralds and thus, he called it the Brazilian Emerald. Believe it or not, this confusion prevailed for centuries and it was only in the 1880s that people identified green tourmaline as a distinct gem variety.

No one can be blamed for this confusion because green tourmalines are as magnificent as emeralds in their appearance. Take a look at the Batida Ring in our collection and you will know what we mean. This 18kt white gold ring has a round cut green tourmaline set amidst a floral structure. Parties or special occasions, this cocktail ring will spruce up your look singlehandedly.

Multicolour Tourmaline Ring Designs: A Truly Colourful Affair

Have you ever looked at a garden full of colourful flowers and felt spellbound by their beauty? The multicolour tourmaline ring designs in our collection will bring that feeling alive, once again. Take, for instance, the Haylie Ring. This gold stunner features marquise tourmalines in green, yellow, and pink colours arranged like three beautiful flowers. The Elysa Ring and the Ornella Ring are similar designs crafted in the timeless floral theme.

The Oriana Ring is in the shape of a large flower with a diamond-encrusted centre. The petals of the flower are formed by yellow and pink stones in marquise cut. The Floriana Ring and the Carmela Ring are other designs you could consider from this range. If you have a thing for rose gold, go for our Earlina Ring made of 18kt rose gold. We are yet to see a fashionista who could say no to these designs. These fashion rings will enhance your bling quotient; whatever you pair them with, they will take you from feeling just fine to super awesome in a jiffy.

So are you ready to give your jewellery collection a colourful makeover? Buy tourmaline rings online from us and dazzle like a diva. The beauty of these rings, together with our affordable tourmaline rings price, will have you coming for more.

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