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Chakra Jewellery: Sending Good Vibes to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Have there been days when you’ve felt extremely happy or sad for no reason? Have you wondered why you experience an inexplicable imbalance in your physical or emotional well-being? According to the Indian tradition of philosophy, medicine, and meditation, the key to the fine balance between your mind, body, soul, and spirit lies in your chakras. They are the elusive energies within and around your body on which your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being depends. At BlueStone, we use powerful crystals and gemstones to create our chakra jewellery that perfectly aligns with your energy centres. Buy chakra jewellery designs at BlueStone to heal imbalances and enjoy complete health and happiness.

Of Mindfulness and More: All about Your Body’s Energy Points

The chakras are the centres through which energy flows in our bodies. It is extremely important to keep them open and allow energy to flow through them as blocked chakras often cause illnesses and other problems. There are seven chakras in our body. The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, represents the foundation and the emotion of being grounded. The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen and represents the ability to connect with and accept people and new experiences. The solar plexus chakra, located in the upper abdomen or the stomach region, represents confidence and the ability to be in control of your life.

The rest of the chakras are the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, the heart chakra, and the throat chakra. The heart chakra, at the centre of the chest above the heart, stands for our knack to love. The throat chakra stands for communication and the third eye chakra, at the forehead between the eyes, helps to focus and see the bigger picture. The crown chakra is the highest of all at the top of the head and represents the ability of humankind to be completely connected spiritually. The easiest way to keep the energy flowing through these seven chakras is to wear chakra jewellery. The good news is that, you can now buy chakra jewellery online at BlueStone from our exclusively crafted collection.

Crystal Healing: Heal Your Way through Chakra Jewellery

Apart from meditation, crystal healing with chakra jewellery helps balance your seven chakras. We have converted these ciphers of eastern philosophy into sought-after pieces of jewelley studded with specific crystals and gemstones. The powerful crystals used in our jewellery act as symbols of self-empowerment and protection while exuding immense beauty with their stunning designs. You can buy them for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones; they sure make for profound gifts and serve as a reminder of your endeavour for complete balance, physical well-being, and perhaps spiritual awakening.

Bring a Positive Change with Our Fine Chakra Jewellery Designs

Every piece of BlueStone’s chakra jewellery is an emblem of positivity. Our craftsmen diligently interweave colours and designs to offer you fine works of art in the form of our chakra jewellery. Gorgeous and therapeutic at the same time, our pieces feature specific gemstones to individually balance each chakra. Our exquisite collection includes chakra pendants, chakra rings, and chakra earrings, each of them focused on an individual chakra.

While our Crown Chakra Ring is crafted from 18kt gold and studded with a sparkling amethyst, our 18kt gold Root Chakra Ring is studded with a shimmering burgundy garnet. Our Solar Plexus Chakra pendant features a brilliant cut citrine, its yellow colour complementing the 18kt gold base. For a happy heart, our Heart Chakra Earrings are studded with pink tourmaline. If the beauty of our pieces makes your heart skip a beat, then our competitive chakra jewellery price will lay the foundation to balancing all your chakras.

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