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Men's Platinum Rings

Platinum Rings: A Ring for A lifetime

Most men will probably only buy one ring in their life and when they do, they go for only the best and the finest. More often than not, most men’s journey in search of the perfect ring has an almost predictable end point -platinum ring collections. Men’s platinum ring designs are considered by many as the finest piece of ornament that befits their style.

History of men’s platinum jewellery

History records that it was the ancient Egyptians who first used platinum to make ornaments. But the widespread use and knowledge about the very existence of the metal can be traced back to a few hundred years. It was only after the Spanish conquest of the New World during the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries that Europe came to know about this precious metal. Blown away by the sophistication and elegance of the metal, the French king Louis XVI proclaimed ornaments made of platinum as the only jewellery that fits the royalty.

Platinum’s high melting point limited its use in jewellery making until the invention of the oxyhydrogen torch in the mid-1800s. After the invention, the platinum craze swept through Russia and Europe so much so that Czars, Queens, and Kings adorned themselves with anything made of platinum. In the early 1900s, the popularity of platinum jewellery reached the US. However, during the World War II, the government declared platinum as a strategic metal, limiting its use in making jewellery. But no government could put a stop to people’s platinum mania and both royalty and laymen still use and long for rings and other pieces made of platinum.

Think of buying men's platinum ring online? Think BlueStone

Buying men’s platinum ring designs was never this easy. At BlueStone, we offer an impressive range of designs and all you need to do is choose the one that suits you the best. From elegant plain rings to magnificent diamond-studded rings, we have everything a man ever wants in his jewellery collection. In addition to the stunning designs, we have kept men's platinum rings price reasonable and there are exclusive deals and offers running on selected pieces. Take a look at some of our finely designed pieces that are popular with men.

Some of the popular men’s platinum ring designs include the Cohort Band for Him, the Odyssey Band for Him, the Ames Love Band for Him, and the Axelle Love Band for Him. These classic rings are made of plain platinum and are ideal for gifting.

If you are looking for men’s platinum ring designs studded with a single diamond, you can go for the Normandy Love Band for Him, the Destine Band for Him, or the Frolic Band for Him. For those who love more diamonds on their platinum rings, we have a fabulous collection including the Elie Love Band for Him, the Wanderlove Band for Him, the Ally Band for Him and the Everafter Love Band for Him

This is only a glimpse of our men's platinum ring collection that grows as fashion trends change. We have more in store for you. Take a look at our range at your convenience and buy a ring that caters to your style. Be sure to check our deals and home-try-on option before you make the purchase. In case you need any assistance, we are just a call away.

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