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Red Rings

The earliest usage of rings seems to have come out of clay while making impressions in the wax statues, which primarily signified ownership. Those that were large in size were worn with necklaces. Gradually, the time came when rings were extensively used and started becoming an integral part of many ceremonies. During olden times, kings and queens handed over rings as a mark of hierarchy to their descendants. This practice is still followed in many families, even today, but probably not with the same fervour as in the earlier eras.

Much like the usage, material used for making rings has also evolved with mankind. History is a witness that rings were made from fossil, stone, leaves and even tentacles out of tree branches. Progressively, it changed to costly metals like silver and gold. In current times, platinum has also found much admiration among jewellery lovers. Highlighting the above-mentioned phenomenon we can only say that ‘the only constant in this world, is the word change!’

Buy Red Rings Designs: BlueStone philosophy

We at BlueStone, have always yearned to be a part of this change!

In addition to changes in the form of rings, usage, and material, we have also capitalized on the ideas of our craftsmen to bring you exclusive styles that will make you blush.

Red is a sacred colour for every married Hindu woman. In keeping with this, we have used red colour as a base theme and merged a crown style on it. Try to recollect the crowns of princesses, you have seen in movies! We have just scaled down the size, created our own design and gave them a touch of finesse by adding some precious stones and brought you red ring designs like The Theona Ring.

The Theona Ring

With 30 Ruby crystals studded next to rhombus shaped studded diamonds in white gold, this masterpiece is just meant for complete admiration. The white gold structure will make you give a tight hug to your partner because you always wanted something like this!

For women who like their jewellery simple and creative, have a look at The Arty Floral Ring!

The Arty Floral Ring

Probably a simple ring at the first look, but you will feel extraordinary once you wear it. While creating this ring it was ensured that all the details are captured with utmost care to match up with the hexagonal structures of a bee-hive. The rubies studded in the floral design with a diamond placed in the centre are the elements that instantly grabs your attention.

You can only buy red ring designs of these types with us and with a whole lot of customisation that also fits your pocket.

Remember the bracelet from the movie The Scorpion King? Yes, our designers and craftsmen got inspired from that to create the Raina Ring.

The Raina Ring

This ring is an amalgamation of three rings held together by a stem at the bottom. The top of the centre ring is adorned with a single ruby and 12 diamonds, whereas the two rings beside it are studded with single ruby and six diamonds, each. The stem gives stability to the structure and rubies and diamonds with gold gives your finger a touch of perfection that you were waiting for so long.

You can buy red rings online with us with many customisations and we can vouch that the next time you think of jewellery, you will only choose BlueStone!

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