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Red Ruby Rings: Jewellery that Reflects Your Passion

The fiery red allure and the passion that it reflects makes ruby the gemstone of choice for people with a strong, passionate personality. It can make any metal look a hundred times more precious with its blood red charm, especially when it is on a ring. Each one of the rings in our exquisite collection is studded with this exotic stone, either alone or accompanied by one or more precious gemstones, such as diamond, emerald, sapphire, etc. While the women’s rings in our collection are designed to complement feminine elegance, the men’s red ruby ring designs are an epitome of royalty. Browse our collection to see how you can treat yourself to the little luxuries of life at unrivalled and attractive red ruby rings prices.

Gemstone with the Classiest Colour and a Great Symbolism

There’s hardly any other colour that has the same effect as red. Rubies have been considered valuable since their discovery. They have been treasured by our ancient ancestors around the world, and they continue to be one of the most desired stones. It was believed that a burning inner fire gave ruby its bright red colour and its symbolism of power and courage. The red colour of the ruby also makes it a symbol of romance, passion, and every strong emotion.

Ruby derives its name from the Latin word “ruber”, which translates to red, and is called “ratnaraj” in Sanskrit, which means the king of gemstones. Legend has it that many of cultures and traditions around the world have given great importance to this beautiful gemstone. Rubies are one amongst the most valued precious gemstones, and why not, they have the power to seduce one and all with their intense colour. They made the most extravagant gifts and treasures, and were worn only by the royalty and the nobility throughout their history.

Classy Combination: Ruby on Gold

BlueStone honours the centuries-old passion associated with this precious stone in the form of stunning jewellery. When you browse our collection to buy red ruby ring designs, you will come across exquisite pieces that you’ve never seen before. Our rings are handcrafted to enchant you with their designs and enthrall you with their unmatched beauty. The deep red colour of a ruby compliments anything it touches, especially the sunny sheen of gold. And the ruby-studded gold rings in our collection do justice to this perfect combination.

The Camilla Lattice Ring is an embodiment of everything rubies symbolise. It features an intricate lattice that resembles a flower in full bloom and will draw your eyes to the sparkling ruby studded at its centre. It’s the perfect ring to liven up your look for any special occasion. The Suneha Ring makes a bold statement with a pear-shaped ruby surrounded by the brightest diamonds, all of them complementing its 18kt gold design. The Nawab Ring stands true to its name and has a distinct royal charm. It is made of 18kt gold and studded with a rectangle-shaped ruby surrounded by glittering diamonds.

A Match Made in Heaven: Ruby on White Gold

You can’t go wrong with a white gold ring studded with one or more red rubies. Just look at the Theona Ring and you’ll know what we’re talking about. It looks like it was made by angels in heaven with its unique 18kt white gold band studded with the brightest red rubies and white diamonds. Add an emerald and you’ll get a harmonious blend of beauty and sophistication in the form of the Blenheim Ring. It’s worthy of queens and princesses with its elegant 18kt white gold body featuring a bouquet of gemstones. It is studded with marquise-cut rubies, round diamonds, and a bright green emerald in the centre.

Rare Yet Stunning: Rose Gold and Rubies

If you’re looking for something unique, then choose a ring that features a rare combination of rose gold studded with rubies. The Kendra Ring is one of its kind and gives an impression of two slender rings on one finger. It is made of 18kt rose gold and studded with diamonds and a ruby on each band. You could even try the Wild Rose Ring that features a beautiful floral design with open petals studded with diamonds and rubies. With so many enchanting pieces in our collection, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you buy red ruby rings online at BlueStone. We love to pamper you with the best and the most exquisite jewellery in the world.

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