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Men's Gemstone Rings

Ring in Praise with Men’s Gemstone Ring Designs

Let’s talk about men who wear jewellery. No, we are not talking about the erstwhile maharajas of India who wore as much or more ornaments than their wives. Coming to the modern times, from the ever-dreamy Johnny Depp to the ever-young Bollywood Baadshah, Shah Rukh Khan, gemstone rings are a popular accessory for men all over the world. While Johnny Depp does not shy away from admitting that he loves sparkling jewellery (he owns an ornate diamond ring), SRK and other Bollywood bigwigs like Amitabh Bachchan admit to wearing rings with specific stones for good luck, better health, and prosperity.

Whether you are choosing a piece based on numerology or you just enjoy the rich colour of precious stones, BlueStone has curated a range of spectacular men's gemstone ring designs that you can choose from. Engagement or anniversary, special occasion or everyday wear, this collection caters to the modern man’s fine tastes in jewellery without being too glitzy and flashy.

Never Run out of Luck with Red Stones: Buy Men's Gemstone Ring Designs

Rubies are often considered to symbolise love, passion, and vitality. A stone to represent strong feelings, in India the ruby is often referred to as Ratnanayaka or the King of Gems. This collection gives you two different styles to choose from. The Vintage Style Ring is designed in a warm gold and has detailing around the edges. Nine small, princess cut rubies are arranged in a neat row on top, showcasing an ornate combination of red on gold. The timeless glitter of gold and the vibrant charm of rubies make this piece an ideal pick for anniversaries.

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of a man’s ring? In all likelihood, it is that of a plain and solid gold band with a square-shaped gemstone in the centre. Well, the Patrician’s Ring is a single stone design that lives up to this mental image. Also made in gold, it features a princess cut ruby at the centre. Anniversary, engagement, or a special occasion, this ring will do its part without screaming for attention.

Chase Away the Blues with Blue Gemstones: Buy Men's Gemstone Rings Online

When it comes to men’s love for colourful gemstones, sapphires will throw a tight competition with rubies. These blue gemstones are often worn to preserve good health. In fact, Amitabh Bachchan wears two sapphire rings – one of his own and one that used to belong to his father. Our collection contains the prized Blue Royalty Ring. The name says it all, doesn’t it? It is a blue beauty fit for royalty. This piece showcases a lovely oval sapphire centrepiece on a white gold background. Its modern, simple style allows you to pair it with a variety of styles, from formal wear at the office to festive wear at special celebrations.

Another piece with a blue stone, the Regalia Ring has a dynamic Iolite stone at the centre. Set on a broad white gold band, it has two circles of intricate detailing that elevates its design. Iolites were first popularised in the eighteenth-century European jewellery and are said to bring about harmony within relationships. It is considered to give out positive vibes and also increase self-confidence. Thanks to these properties, perhaps the Regalia Ring is the perfect accessory for an important day at work.

Refreshing, Remarkable Emeralds

Green emeralds are often equated with the refreshing, revitalising properties of nature and rightly so. Said to encourage peace and reflection, this gemstone is often used in engagement rings or are given as tokens of love. From Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor to Angelina Jolly, women always had a strong love affair with emeralds. Men are no less when it comes to their love for this lush green beauty. The Imperial Crown of King George V, the magnificent necklace of the Maharaja of Baroda, and the iconic pieces worn by Mughal emperors all testify to men’s penchant for emeralds. Now, you can buy men’s gemstone rings online from us and grace your finger with the beauty of this green stone. Take, for instance, the Gratitude Ring. It highlights the beauty of a deep green emerald set on a gold band. Uniform grooves run around the band, adding texture to its design.

Carefully designed, these rings have been crafted with 100 % certified gemstones to give you opulent, stylish accessories. Whether you want to wear them every day or you just bring them out for special occasions, BlueStone ensures that the men’s gemstone ring price remains reasonable.


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