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Festive Jewellery Designs: Find Your Twinkle

Jewellery can be a festive fare by itself. Rose gold tinted pieces, beautifully designed diamond inclusions and delicate gemstone infused art denote the purpose of jewellery behind festivity. It stands for celebration, fun, happiness, togetherness and love. Sporting festive jewellery designs accentuate your tone, personality and the outfit you wear. It represents a celebration of sorts while connecting to the occasion. Just because people have different tastes and choices, the designers at BlueStone have created a wide range of festive jewellery collection. With a range of options available at our store, now everyone has access to these gorgeous smiles of happiness.

Swirls and Drops: Buy Festive Jewellery Online

Floral and drop patterns have taken the jewellery industry by storm. The best aspect about these pieces is that they can be worn with any outfit and on any festive occasion. A glimpse of these twinkling duos shows how much meets the eye.

Nothing screams beauty better than a bunch of delicate flowers twirling in intricate patterns. Think of beautiful rose gold tulips with tiny diamond studs as seen in the Exquisite Tulip Ring, the hollow diamond sphere with gold petals in the Sunflower of Loyalty Ring and the feathery gold swirls in the Peacock Vivacity Ring. The subtle, yet flowery earring designs include the Modish Frond Earrings, the Brookcress Earrings, and the Floria Earrings.

Our festive drop collection comprises of simple and elegant earring drops that beautify an occasion more than ever. Check out the pearl embellished drops such as the Cleodora Earrings, the Simplistic Chane Earrings, and the Sedna Earrings. For the diamond lovers, we have the diamond infused pieces such as the Aparajita Earrings, the Jyotsana Earrings, and the Kanishka Earrings. Buy festive jewellery designs of your choice – diamonds, pearls, gemstones or gold pieces.

Special Somethings for All: Buy Festive Jewellery Designs

We bring to you pieces in every line of jewellery designed for each and every one of you, be it men, women or children. Keeping the needs and tastes across categories in mind, our designers have created pieces that appeal to everyone. Take your pick and buy festive jewellery online form us.

If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that comes without a gender tag, check out our unisex collection. When you think of unisex pendants, think of netted beauties like the Kuber Dhan Pendant shaped like a sun, the Kuber Yantra Pendant resembling the starry sky or the spiritual piece of the Bhadra Om Pendant. Additionally, there is the Kirpan pendant shaped like a glistening diamond dagger, the moon shaped Roshini Pendant and the Ganapati Pendant for the devotees. A special mention of the Holy Cross Ring has to be made as rings for both the sexes are handy for couples who like to wear similar designs or for friends and siblings who like to hold on to the same pattern. 

We have created an ever-growing range of festive jewellery for kids. Inspired by the theme Frozen are the Elsa Bloom Earrings for Kids, the Elsa Diamond Earrings for Kids and the Elsa Glacier Earrings for Kids amongst many others. To give kids a colour pop of their favourite animals are the Magic Unicorn Earrings for Kids, the Friendly Dolphins Earrings for Kids and the Adorable Bear Earrings for Kids. In the pendant category, there is the Sisters Forever Pendant for Kids, the Elsa Floral Pendant for Kids, the Princess Love Pendant for Kids, and the Elsa Crystal Pendant for Kids. Pretty diamond studded bangles perfect for a special family gathering include the Iona Bangle, the Ivalyn Bangle, and the Ivan Bangle.

Since there is something for everyone, there is a special range of rings for men including the Guardian Om Ring, the Tony Forever Yours Ring for Him, and the Unfading Bond Ring. Amongst pendants, we have the Al-Malik Pendant, the Shubh Labh Pendant, and the Yara Always Together Pendant. These are just some of the many festive jewellery designs for men. Whoever thought bracelets were only for women, think again after taking a look at the bold pieces like the Bethany Cross Bracelet and the Adah Cross Bracelet specially designed for fashion conscious men.

Fashion Statement with a Twist

Of hoops, circles, and spirituality, there is a special range for each of this category. We have kept our festive jewellery prices affordable so that you can exquisite pieces without burning a hole in your pocket.

Drifting towards spirituality are some of the season’s most popular religious jewellery pieces. The collection entails rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets for men and women. The Divine Trishool Ring for Her, the Padmalakshmi Ring, and the Root Chakra Ring are designed for her, while the Divine Om Ring, the Guardian Om Ring, and the Om Kantha Ring are designed for him.

Pretty in yellow or white gold bangles are statement pieces. Our exquisitely crafted festive bangles include the Rehi Bangle, the Chisel Vision Bangles, the Sana Bangle, the Jaume Bangle and the Nilima Bangle. Besides these, there are stone studded varieties like the Nupur Bangle, the Antara Bangle, and the Urvi Bangle.

Choose from basic gold hoops with self-prints such as the Helen Earrings, the Vivaciously Designed Earrings, and the Frivolous Flower Earrings or glide through the diamond hoops such as the Mokya Earrings, the Tessera Earrings, or the Arva Earrings.

There are more than 3000 designs to explore. Take your time, check out each piece and buy the one that you like the most. Happy shopping!

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