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Unisex Pendants: Jewellery that Doesn’t Discriminate

Is there anything called enough jewellery? Well, we don’t think so! And that’s why we have a special collection of exquisite jewellery that every jewellery-loving woman and fashion-forward man would like and love to flaunt. Our unisex’s pendant designs are a jewellery lover’s delight. And why not! The pieces in our unisex pendant collection are designed to fit every personality and include beautiful designs that suit both men and women, every occasion, and every attire in your wardrobe.

In our assortment of unisex pendants, you’ll find plain pendants made with white gold or gold of 14kt, 18kt, or 22kt purity, studded pendants with different types of sparkling stones embossed on them, and those with intricate designs that will leave you enthralled. The one thing they all have in common is they’ll all take your breath away. And since they’re unisex, they make great gifts for anyone and everyone amongst your friends and family.

Penchant for Pendants Continues Through the Ages

Derived from the Latin word “pendere” and an Old French word “pendre”, which translate to “to hang down”, pendants have been around for a long time in history. Since prehistoric times, pendants have been worn in different forms, shapes, and sizes by both men and women. Everything from gemstones and amulets to lockets and watches has been worn as pendants through the ages. Pendants became essential articles of jewellery as early as 600 B.C. when the Greeks started making jewellery with gemstone and gold. Archaeologists have also found animal motifs depicting birds, dogs, and cats, which were quite popular as pendants amongst ancient Egyptians.

Gorgeous Pendants for One and All

Fashion is for everyone, and BlueStone creates fashionable jewellery for everyone who wants to make a style statement with the best ornaments. We’re your one-stop shop to buy unisex's pendants online easily and effortlessly from the comforts of your home. Amongst our collection is religious pendants that will find a special place in your heart, irrespective of the religion you follow. Our skilled artisans handcraft stunning pieces that defy boundaries and are loved by one and all. To buy unisex's pendant designs that exceed your expectations, browse our collection now. The stunning Annot Cross Pendant features a diamond-studded 18kt gold cross. Find the key to your riches with the Kuber Kunji Pendant featuring an attractive diamond-encrusted silhouette with a swastik and a key design.

Our unisex pendant designs will liven up your neckline with their contemporary designs. The Khalsa Pendant is made of 18kt gold and encrusted with sparkling diamonds. Similarly, the Murabi Pendant is made of 18kt gold and studded with a diamond at the beginning of the crescent moon. The Roshini Pendant also features a diamond-studded crescent along with a sparkling stone-studded star. The Aishani Pendant features an exquisite trishool studded with the navratnas (nine gems) and glittering diamonds. Every Hindu’s favourite, Lord Ganesha, lends his charm to our special Ganesha pendants, such as the Shubhan Pendant, the Vinayaka Pendant, the Yagnakaya Pendant, and the Ganesha Charm Pendant outlining his ears and trunk studded with a ruby and a diamond. All of these are made with gold and crafted in a different, yet equally divine, design. There’s a lot more for you.

Artistic Pendant Designs at BlueStone

Other than religious unisex pendants, we also have a wide range of zodiac sign jewellery and unique pendants for all occasions. Nothing less than a masterpiece, the Sweetheart Pendant will surely win your heart with it’s engraved, 18kt gold tilted heart. All the Leos out there would love the Lion Pendant. It is crafted in 22kt gold and features a rhodium-plated lion’s face with yellow mane resembling the golden tresses of the king of the jungle. The Fishes Pendant is yet another masterpiece handcrafted in 22kt gold featuring the outline of scales and rhodium-plated tail. With our competitive unisex's pendant prices, you can add as many of these to your collection of breath-taking jewellery.

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