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Zodiac Jewellery: Wear your Sign Proudly

Humanity’s quest to understand the secrets of the unknown has existed from time immemorial and it continues till date. It is an eternal journey speckled with hope, tenacity, and desire. Mankind was fascinated by the natural cycles of the Sun and the Moon and astronomy is the study of these celestial objects and it divides the celestial focal into 12 divisions called the zodiac.

While astronomy studied the Sun, Moon, and the planets, astrology was an effort to study the movement and positions of these celestial objects and their effects on people and events. Although various civilisations have had their own astronomical theories, it was the Babylonian astronomers who are considered as forefathers of the modern-day zodiac signs. As the study of zodiac gained popularity, the trend of wearing jewellery signifying the zodiac sign that a person is born under also picked up. It was considered a good luck charm and a protective talisman to wear the symbols representing the zodiac.

Zodiac Jewellery Designs: Heavenly Constellations as Everyday Magic

At BlueStone, we have recaptured the magic of the 12 zodiac signs in creative ways and proudly present the zodiac jewellery designs range. In this range, we have gold pendants as well as diamond studded pendants and wearing the zodiac signs has never looked this classy. You can go the traditional way with the simple pendants based on your zodiac sign or the mystical way with the symbolic representation.

More Ways to Wear Your Zodiac Sign

Some like to wear precious or semi-precious stones in the form of rings and bracelets that are associated with their zodiac sign. At BlueStone, we have devised yet another innovative approach to displaying your zodiac sign through the pendants.

Go the plain gold way – the intricately designed Crab Pendant and the Scorpius Pendant are cute and appealing. The Seed Furrow Pendant for zodiac sign Virgo is a subtle representation of the Roman goddess of agriculture – Shala. The Water Bearer Pendant for the zodiac sign Aquarius is a unique and refreshing rendition of mythology.

The Twins Pendant representing the zodiac sign Gemini and the Scales Pendant for Librans are pretty designs for the young adults of today. There are options for customising these in 14kt, 18kt and 22kt gold.

Buy Zodiac Jewellery Designs in Diamond

For those who want to add the rock to their zodiac jewellery collection, we have some distinctive pendants. Watch the symbols of the zodiac unfold in these diamond-studded collection. The Pisces Pendant representing the fishes, the Sagittarius Pendant designed like the archer’s arrow and the horns of the bull design for the Taurus Pendant are all part of this collection.

Check out the Capricorn Pendant symbolising the horn of a sea-goat and the Cancer Pendant shaped like the crab’s claws. 14kt and 18kt gold options are available in this collection for added advantage.

Lucky you! Buy Affordable Zodiac Jewellery

We have kept zodiac jewellery price range affordable for all those who wish to wear these fortune charms. If you came here looking for gifting options, the zodiac jewellery collection is a great way to express and impress. The best part of the deal is that you can buy zodiac jewellery online from the comfort of your home.

So go ahead, choose your sign, and let the ancient journey continue with BlueStone as your trusted partner!

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