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Unisex’s Jewellery Designs for Stylish Men and Women

Ever wondered what stops men and women from sharing their jewellery with one another? More often than not, it is the gender-specific design of the jewellery. Most of the ornaments available to you today come with clearly defined gender tags. Florals? Women! Pearls? Women! Thick solid gold patterns? Men! Sports jewellery? Men! Such gender stereotypes associated with jewellery have no beginning or end.

Do you fancy wearing a piece of jewellery that is neutral enough to break these gender tags; something that can be worn by men and women alike? If your answer is yes, then unisex jewellery designs are for you. These are crafted keeping in mind the design sensibilities of both men and women. Such designs, however, are hard to find in traditional collections. Why worry, though, when you can buy unisex’s jewellery designs from the fabulous collection offered by BlueStone? Trendy, contemporary, and classy, these trinkets will be valuable additions to your jewellery box especially when you intend to share it with your sibling or partner.

Rings: An Eternal Favourite with Unisex Jewellery Designs

Rings are the most popular form of jewellery for men and women. While most people wear a ring as an indication of their marital status, others wear a ring to remind themselves of their religious beliefs. Thus, the Om symbol finds itself being commonly interpreted on ring designs like the Om Ring or the Divine Om Ring. Made of 18kt gold, they both come studded with diamonds. Similarly, the Holy Cross Ring is very popular with Christian men and women. This multi-stone design is also made of 18kt gold with a clear line of diamonds etched on the band. If you are looking for a gift for a religious person but not sure about his/her design sensibilities, these unisex ring designs can be a great pick.

Artistic Bracelets to Add a Touch of Glamour

Another type of jewellery flaunted by men and women alike is a bracelet. Unisex bracelets are designed to be sleek enough to grace a woman’s wrists and yet bold enough to look good on a man’s wrist as well. Two of our bestselling unisex bracelet designs are the Sound of Love Bracelet and the Sparkle of Love Bracelet. Both these designs celebrate the visualisation of heartbeats, which makes them a perfect gift for your lover on Valentine’s Day. How about getting your partner and yourself a pair of matching bracelets to celebrate your special bonding? Unisex jewellery comes with its own benefits, you see!

Gorgeous Unisex Pendant Designs for Gorgeous Men and Women

One of the most popular categories of unisex jewellery designs is pendants. Their immense popularity is due to the fact that – yes, you guessed it right- men and women wear and share pendants as these do not have size restrictions as in the case of rings. Our range of unisex pendants includes designs with religious, zodiac, and abstract themes. While designs like the Shambhavi Pendant and the Shiva Pendant are popular amongst many Hindu men and women, designs like the Celtic Cross Pendant and the Annot Cross Pendant are popular amongst believers of Christianity. Similarly, the Kirpan Pendant is favoured by Sikhs and the Murabbi Pendant is favoured by Muslims. However, there is no rule that says that if you are a Christian you can’t wear the Roshini Pendant or that you must be a Hindu to wear the Gopalpriya Pendant. These finely crafted pieces are style statements by themselves.

Zodiac signs have always been a favourite when it comes to unisex jewellery designs. Depending on your date of birth, you could choose between the Capricorn Pendant, Aries Pendant, Pisces Pendant, etc. Sports Lovers often treat pendants like the Victors Pendant and the Inswing Pendant as lucky charms.

Bejewelled Unisex Jewellery Designs

When you buy unisex's jewellery online, it is important to understand what you are paying for. At first, it may seem surprising that the plain gold Omkaara Pendant is priced higher than the diamond studded Kapil Pendant. However, a closer look at the product details will tell you that the former is crafted from 22kt gold while the latter is made of 18kt gold. The difference in the caratage is reflected in their prices too. Sometimes, even though the number and types of stones being used are the same, there may be a big price difference between two designs. For example, take a look at the Aum Shakti Pendant and the Suasti Pendant; both feature the navaratna stones but fall into different price brackets. This is because of a difference in the amount of gold used and the size of the stones. Along with this, the type of stone used also makes a difference to unisex's jewellery prices. So read through each design’s descriptors carefully before making your final choice.

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