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Unisex's Gold Jewellery

Fine Jewellery That Fits All: Unisex Jewellery Designs

When you invited your significant other into your life, you promised to share and care. You are true to your promise, too. From that favourite bowl of ice cream to secretly guarded passwords, you share everything except, perhaps, your jewellery. Blame it on the jewellery industry, the pieces in your collection are either too masculine or feminine for your partner to like or wear without inhibitions. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

For a long time, jewellers across the globe neatly classified their collections for men and women, making it difficult for people to cross the lines. It was considered impossible for men and women to share jewellery; as impossible as Sheldon Cooper sharing his favoirite spot with Penny. Or so we thought, until the advent of unisex gold jewellery designs.

You and your partner might want to wear matching pieces to celebrate your special moments; or you might want to build your jewellery collection together; or perhaps, you just want to own an ornament that is too neutral to be called feminine or masculine. Whatever your reasons are, BlueStone’s unisex jewellery collection offers you a wide range of options to choose from.

Unisex’s Gold Jewellery Designs for the Modern Jewellery Enthusiasts

Many ornaments you find in the traditional collections of jewellers come with a gender tag. Take, for instance, the floral jewellery which people generally stereotype as a feminine affair. Even the most ardent lover of flowers will think twice before he ventures out to buy a floral pendant or ring. Despite their love for the yellow metal, women are less likely to choose thick plain bands or kada-like bangles, which are usually associated with men.

Unlike these patterns, unisex gold jewellery designs have a neutral appeal that transcends traditional gender typecasts and both men and women can wear them. Such designs, however, are difficult to find in the traditional collections of your local jeweller and that’s why you should be shopping with BlueStone, India’s leading online jewellery. When you buy unisex’s gold jewellery online from us, you can cart your favourite pieces at affordable prices while being bang on trend. 

Buy Unisex’s Gold Jewellery Designs for the Devotee in You

They say men and women are equal in the eyes of god and nothing, absolutely nothing, should stop you from displaying your faith in the form of fine jewellery. At BlueStone, we offer a fabulous collection of unisex religious jewellery for those looking for a fashionable expression of their faith.

Take a look at our pendant collection and you will never want to take your eyes off it. From simply designed pieces in plain gold to intricately carved items studded with diamonds and gemstones, our range is not only mesmerising but also inimitable. Our Celtic Cross Pendant and Annot Cross Pendant are made of gold and studded with diamonds; they make excellent picks if you want to express your love for Jesus with a little sparkle and glitter. Besides these, we have the Kirpan Pendant for the followers of Sikhism and the Murabbi Pendant for the believers of Islam.

For the believers of Hinduism, we have diverse collections in different themes and motifs. Our Om jewellery collection includes finely designed pieces like the Tejas Pendant and the Om Ring. The Pushkara Pendant is for devotees of Lord Shiva and the Mahabala Pendant for the worshipers of Lord Krishna while the Vinayaka Pendant is an enchanting piece in our Ganesh jewellery collection.

Wear Your Zodiac Sign with Unisex Jewellery Designs

Everyone fancy displaying their star sign with some glitz and twinkle. That’s why BlueStone’s unisex collection has an exclusive range of zodiac jewellery made of white gold and gold. These are fine pieces of artistry and they enhance your bling quotient in a unique way.

Some of the items in our display including the Scorpius Pendant and the Lion Pendant are made in beautiful two-tone patterns where the glitter of gold is accented with the beauty of rhodium plating. Take a look at our Pisces Pendant and Sagittarius Pendants; even a Virgoan or Geminian would want to possess these timeless pieces.

Buy Unisex’s Gold Jewellery Designs for the Sports Lover in You

How about wearing matching pieces of jewellery when you watch the next IPL or ISL with your partner? We have got you covered with our unisex sports jewellery collection designed exclusively for the lovers of sports.

The Gentleman’s League Pendant, an exquisitely crafted item in the collection, will charm you with its design innovation. Don’t be misguided by its name. It looks as good on women as it is on men. The Inswing Pendant and the Victors Pedant have zero rules regarding whether a man or a woman should wear it, as long as you are a hardcore fan of cricket. After all, the love for sports knows no boundaries of gender.

Speak the Unisex Language of Love

When it comes to bringing people under his captivating spell, Cupid doesn’t discriminate between genders. What better way to express your special connection than by wearing a piece of ornament that speaks of love? Our Sound of Love Pendant is a uniquely designed piece and you can complete the look with the Sound of Love Bracelet. The neat and simple design makes it neutral enough to wear with any type of outfits. The Sweetheart Pendant, as the name suggests, is something you can gift your sweetheart.

Our unisex’s gold jewellery prices are so competitive that you will enjoy sharing not just your life, but your jewellery box too, with your partner. Why wait? Buy these exquisite pieces and say ‘what is mine is yours’ without thinking twice.

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