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Roseate Smolder Rings

Roseate Smolder Ring Designs: Paint Your Fingers Red

Rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery. Every woman, from a teenager to a grandmother loves a beautiful ring shining brightly on her fingers. Rings can be made of many materials ranging from strands of leather or grass wrapped around a finger to gold studded with precious gemstones. Speaking of precious stones, red gemstones are always a favourite with most jewellery lovers. If you are a lover of the colour red, here is a ring collection you should explore – the Roseate Smolder collection offered by BlueStone.

Our range of roseate smolder ring designs comprises of beautiful rubies and garnets set in yellow and white gold. It goes without saying that red is a powerful colour. As compared to all other colours, red attracts the most attention. It speaks of boldness, passion, energy and of course, love. According to Indian culture, it also symbolises purity, fertility, and prosperity. This is one of the main reasons why many brides choose to wear red for their wedding. Red is also associated with Goddess Durga. So when you have so many reasons to wear red on your fingers, why not buy Roseate Smolder rings designs from us?

History of Rings

Rings were most commonly worn by the Romans. Wealthy Romans could often be seen wearing thin rigs during the summer and heavy rings during the winter. By the middle of the first century, rings became so popular that they began to be worn on all fingers. The inclusion of precious stones in ring design not only spoke of the wearer’s social status but is also believed to have been worn to ward off illnesses. Rings were given a practical use when they began to be used as signet rings to seal important documents. It wasn’t until the eighteenth century that rings began to be worn only for ornamental purposes.

Rubies Vs Garnets

When it comes to gemstones, there are two particular stones that are known for their deep red hue- rubies and garnets. At first glance, both stones look the same but rubies like the ones set in the Flora Allure Ring are known to be harder and more expensive. Rubies are said to be a more vivid red but may have purplish or bluish tones. On the other hand, if a red stone shows hints of earthy tones, it is more likely to be a garnet as seen in the Paradise Ring. Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond and Burmese ruby studded ring is one of the most iconic pieces of ruby studded jewellery.

Everyday Rings Vs Rings for a Special Occasion

Today, wedding bands may be the most well-known type of rings but you don’t have to wait to say “I Do” before wearing a ring. Like earrings, rings can be worn on any day of the week while you’re lounging at home or working in your office. Some such designs include rings like the Vivid Majestic Ring and the Milana Ring that show off the beauty of rubies set in glittering gold. The Flowery Panache Ring is a simple yet mind-blowing floral design made in 18kt white gold and serves as a perfect choice for weekends, everyday jewelleryeveryday jewellery, and as a gift for a loved one.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for cocktail rings take a look at the Daiquiri Ring. Made of 18kt white gold, this ring features a tiny, round cut ruby set amidst several sparkling diamonds. The Razberi Ring is another cocktail ring you could consider from our white gold range. It features an impressive floral pattern made with diamonds and in the centre of the flower sits an octagon-shaped garnet. If you are looking for a cocktail ring in gold, the Savory Affair Ring studded is your best pick. In this ring, a large, princess cut garnet is set as the central stone which is accented by several smaller sparkling diamonds. Whether you are wearing these rings to a wedding or a party, they are sure to turn a few heads wherever you go.

How to Buy Roseate Smolder Rings Online?

If you are looking for a red gemstone ring design, you don’t really need to go trekking through the market to find the ring design. You can shop for jewellery from the comfort of your home with us when you buy Roseate Smolder rings from us. BlueStone offers you a wide range of designs that caters to a wide range of budgets and style preferences. Like your neighbourhood jeweller, we offer you the opportunity to try on jewellery before you buy it. For example, if you could not make up your mind between the Stately Charisma Ring and the Flowerona Ring, we could send both pieces home for you to try on. Try them from the comfort of your home and make the final decision. Don’t worry. This free trial doesn’t cost you anything. It is absolutely free; all you need to do is to book a free trial with us.

Sometimes, you may fall in love with a design only to realise that it is a little above your budget. Our rings are typically made in 18kt gold but if need be, you could customise it and craft it from 14kt gold. The difference in the caratage reduces the Roseate Smolder rings price. In addition, you could also customise the cut and clarity of the gemstones and diamonds used in the ring to make it fit all your specification. Not only this, some of our designs can also be customised to be crafted in gold instead of white gold or vice versa. However, since both white gold and gold follow the same carat system and are equally expensive, this may not influence the price of your ring. So, are you ready to find yourself the perfect ruby studded ring?

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