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Ruby Jewellery: Bring out the Fire in You

Red is the colour of passion and love, and rubies are associated with these attributes since ancient times. Ruby, also called the King of Gemstones, is associated with a number of legends. With the birth of the western world, rubies attained importance as the gem of the European royalty. The red aura is a representation of devotion and inner fire, and that must be the reason why Prince Andrew decided to proclaim his love to Fergie, the Duchess of York with a beautiful ruby engagement ring.

History of Ruby Jewellery

The name ruby is derived from Latin word ruber, meaning red. The allure of ruby is so strong that it gained the highest significance in almost all the cultures of the world, from the beginning of the history to the modern times. In India, during the era of kings, ruby was the most sought after gem for jewellery. In China, a Mandarin’s rank was designated by the colour of the ruby ring. The Bible and ancient Sanskrit writings also deem it as the most precious of gemstones.

Celebrate Love Everyday with Remarkable Ruby Jewellery Designs

Let your beloved feel the fire in you with a dazzling red stone piece you gift her. Over the years, both men and women have been wearing diamonds, but now it is time you add effervescence to your style with striking ruby jewellery. From bangles to bracelets and neckpieces to eardrops and studs, make a gracious style statement that compliments all your attires.

BlueStone brings to you exquisite ruby jewellery designs with delicate patterns that match your grace and poise. Wear it with your casuals or formals, and these magnificent stones are definite to make you stand out from the ordinary crowd. At BlueStone, you get to choose from an array of designs that make fall for them instantly and forever. When you buy ruby jewellery online from us, you can avail special deals and offers as well as additional discounts on the actual ruby jewellery prices.

Redefining Style Statement with Royal Red Stones

A beautifully carved intricate pattern with a stunning ruby embedded in it makes a priceless possession. BlueStone’s Flirtini Rings reflects a magnificent amalgamation of ruby and diamonds within the yellow metal that leaves you in awe. Whatever be your reasons, a tastefully crafted ruby jewellery design gets all eyes hooked upon you in admiration.

Jewellery must have the right blend of different hues of gemstones and a striking design that makes it perfect to enthral everyone. One of the finest examples of such a masterpiece is our Aashika Pendant and Ring collections. The Rajeshwari Ring is a beautiful shimmering ring in white gold made with the combination of ruby, emerald, and diamonds, which redefines simplicity and elegance. Pronounce your love to her with this beautiful creation from the house of BlueStone.

The Lanet Ring from BlueStone is truly bright and festive that brilliantly complements your traditional look. Striking ruby jewellery with hints of gold and other gemstones marks the marvellous designs that captivate you. Bring out the special side of you to the world with perfectly carved and exquisite ruby jewellery.

Go Bold with an Exclusive Collection for Men

The legendary tales are the proof for men’s craving for designer jewellery. Alike women, the fashion world has transformed the outlook of men with the stylish attires and accessories. Of late, a man wearing a stud on one ear is trending. From studs to rings, we at BlueStone offer a wide range of exciting masculine designs. Impress the man in your life with the Nawab Ring which symbolises royalty and passion.

Daughters are Precious: Buy Ruby Jewellery Designs for Her

If you are looking for an elegant and perfect pair of earrings for your princess, then look no further than BlueStone. We offer an eclectic range of ruby earrings and studs for kids with aesthetic designs that are light in weight too. Adorn the ears of your daughter with the tender touch of Indra Aakshi Earrings.

Our ruby jewellery prices are reasonable and we aim at catering to the different needs of our valuable customers. Our price range is wide and affordable that suits everyone’s budget. The charm of ruby and its lustre describe the grandeur of our ruby jewellery collections. So, wait no more. Buy ruby jewellery online from BlueStone to make a unique style statement.

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