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Ruby Mangalsutra Designs: The Red Stone of Love and Protection

In the timeless classic The Wizard of Oz, there is a very famous pair of ruby slippers worn by the lead character, Dorothy Gale. They originally belonged to a wicked witch and gave the owner magical powers. Dorothy is protected from the machinations of another witch because she has these magical slippers. In the end, Dorothy is able to return home from the Land of Oz with the help of the ruby slippers. Like these classical ruby slippers, the gemstone ruby provides protection, and also prosperity and passion to the wearer according to gemstone lores. Many believe that the stone stimulates the heart, and is associated with love and sensual pleasure.

Lores and legends notwithstanding, a finely crafted piece of ruby jewellery is truly a sight to behold. With its bright red colour and never-failing charm, the stone has attained an undisputable position in the jewellery collections of modern women. For the lovers of the colour red, we at BlueStone offer a growing range of ruby jewellery in traditional and contemporary designs. The crown of our range is the ruby mangalsutra collection, handcrafted exclusively for married Indian women who want to display their wifedom with lots of sparkle and style.

Ruby Mangalsutra Designs: The Symbol of Marriage in Beautiful Red Hues

Women in different cultures have used different visual markers to denote their marital status. If rings do the job for the western women, the mangalsutra is the Indian counterpart of this longstanding tradition. Known by different names in different parts of India, it is a holy and auspicious object that not only symbolises the married status of the woman but also the belief that the life of the husband is bound to it. It is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom during the wedding ceremony and the tying of the mangalsutra is the act that epitomises the initiation of the marriage.

When you intend to wear a piece of jewellery for the rest of your life – something that carries so much of symbolism and traditional values - you cannot and should not go wrong with your pick, right? Worry not! We have got you covered with our ruby mangalsutra designs – enchanting and flawless designs that are a blend of tradition and modernity.

Buy Ruby Mangalsutra Online and Mark a Bright Beginning

Due to its association with love, passion, prosperity, protection and sensual pleasure, the ruby, by all means, is the ideal gemstone to enhance your mangalsutra. Further, a ruby mangalsutra looks extremely stylish, is pleasing to the eye and is modernistic while retaining a traditional charm. For a couple embarking on a new life, the ruby mangalsutra would be a contemporary symbol that consolidates their love and commitment to each other.

The designers at BlueStone have come up with an exciting range of ruby mangalsutra designs that you can choose from. When you buy ruby mangalsutra online from us, you get deals and offers that are as attractive as our mind-blowing designs. The various patterns differ from each other in the cut and shape of the ruby, the pendant design, number of diamonds, etc. and the ruby mangalsutra prices also vary accordingly. Take, for instance, the Sanjeevani Mangalsutra and the Bharani Mangalsutra in our collection. The former features two round rubies set amidst 67 sparkling diamonds. The glitter of its 18kt gold body, the radiance of diamonds, and the shimmer of rubies come together to add an undeniable wow factor to this beautiful piece. The Bharani Mangalsutra has a pear-shaped ruby accompanied by the twinkle of 47 diamonds – a truly marvellous piece to watch and own.

Handcrafted to Dazzle: Buy Ruby Mangalsutra Designs from BlueStone

You don’t change your mangalsutra the way you change other pieces of jewellery. So it is in your best interests to pick a design that goes with all kinds of outfits. A ruby mangalsutra is an ideal pick in this regard as rubies enhance the beauty of traditional outfits and they gel well with modern clothing too. The Amulya Mangalsutra, which features three diamond-encrusted rubies in 18kt gold, is one of the most popular picks of our customers. Whether you are wearing a designer saree or a colourful ethnic outfit, this piece is sure to enhance your looks. The Geetanjali Mangalsutra also has three diamond-encrusted rubies forming the pendant. However, the pattern is much more detailed and intricately worked than the Amulya Mangalsutra.

The Parineeta Mangalsutra is another ruby and diamond pendant that can be worn by women who like rich and vibrant designs. The pear-shaped ruby dangling down the pendant and the sparkle of diamonds etched on its 18kt gold body make it a truly marvellous piece. However, if it is a minimalist look that you favour, then the Dhana Mangalsutra from our collection would be to your taste. Are you a lover of the timeless floral theme? Look no further! The Utpala Mangalsutra is just right for you. It features three shimmering flowers, each formed by a round central ruby and diamonds set around it in the form of petals. This design might be less elaborate or intricate compared to many other pieces in our collection. The beauty and elegance of this piece, however, knows no bounds.

When you buy ruby mangalsutra designs online from BlueStone, you have the advantage of customising the pattern that you like. For instance, you can choose the clarity of the diamond, or switch between gold and white gold, and even ask for 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold. The designers at BlueStone would be happy to accommodate your needs. And all of these can be done from the comfort of your home or office, together with your future spouse. You get to take that first step together as a couple in the digital world for a custom as age-old as choosing a mangalsutra.

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