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Om Jewellery Designs: An Expression of Faith and Spirituality

Om is one of the most significant spiritual symbols in the Hindu religion. It refers to the soul and the cosmic truth in its entirety. It is also a spiritual chant in various religions such as Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and of course, Hinduism. In the syllable form, Om is referred to as Omkara. This symbol has been an important part of Hinduism since the ancient times. Hindus with a spiritual bend of mind often prefer wearing religious jewellery designed around this sacred symbol. BlueStone’s Om jewellery designs offer you a chance to express your faith in an appealing manner.

A Tryst of Religion and Fashion: Buy Om Jewellery Online from BlueStone

Today religious jewellery is no longer limited to being simple pieces without much ado about designs. With the shifting taste of the wearer, it has evolved to accommodate stylish design trends. The Om jewellery collection by BlueStone is an exclusive range that incorporates the Om symbol into various ornaments such as pendants, rings, and bracelets designed for men, women, and unisex use.

What sets this collection apart is the reinterpretation of traditional themes and motifs with a contemporary touch. Take, for instance, the Om Chakra Pendant for women or the unisex Adwaya Pendant. While the former incorporates the Om symbol into a floral design, the latter has the symbol sitting on an eye-catching sun pattern. Sprinkled with diamonds, these 18kt gold pendants give a modern twist to traditional designs. With our Om jewellery designs available in 22kt, 18kt, and 14kt gold, you will be spoilt for choice.

Discover BlueStone’s Om Jewellery Pendant Designs

Pendants are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery with which you can flaunt your fashion quotient and declare your spiritual faith. An exceptional piece in this category is the Omkara Pendant for women. The diamond-studded latticework of this 18kt rose gold pendant has an Om at the centre with two pearls dangling below.

If you love the aura of white gold, the Devarya Pendant is a fine pick for you. This lovely pendant has rubies and diamonds enhancing the beauty of its 18kt white gold body. Created for unisex use, you can flaunt it at festive occasions or wear it every day. Our 22kt gold pieces like the Tejas Pendant, the Sadashiva Pendant, and the Divine Om Pendant reflect the beauty of fusion-style plain gold jewellery. These pendants can be worn by both men and women at any special occasion like Akshaya Tritiya or can be used as everyday jewellery.

Our lightweight creations in 18kt gold, like the Vita Om Pendant and the Om Chakra Pendant are showstoppers in themselves. With their mesmerising designs, these immaculate diamond-studded pendants for women are simply irresistible.

If you want a blend of Om and Ganesha symbols, our designs like the Avighna Pendant and the Eshanputra Pendant can be great choices. Crafted in 18kt gold and set with diamonds, these festive pendants can make you stand out from the crowd. If you wish to buy Om jewellery designs studded with navratna gemstones, our unisex pieces like the Aum Shakti Pendant and the Omkareshwar Pendant are there for you. 

Express Your Spirituality with BlueStone’s Om Rings and Bracelets

Our Om jewellery collection has an exciting range of rings for you. Take a look at our Guardian Om Ring and the Om Kantha Ring for men and the Om Prakash Ring for women, all crafted in 22kt gold. If you prefer diamonds, our unisex designs like the Divine Om Ring in 18kt gold is just want to need.

Our Om jewellery collection has amazing bracelets designed for women including the Mahadeva Bracelet, the Nami Om Bracelet, and the Om Raksha Bracelet from the lightweight category. Created in 22kt gold, these bracelets enhance your look on festive occasions like Akshaya Tritiya. The Om Ganesha Bracelet is a stunning piece in 18k gold. Set with diamonds and rubies, it will make you sparkle on special occasions.

With our competitive range of Om jewellery prices, there is hardly any reason for you to wait any longer.

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