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Om Pendants

Om Pendants

From the time, human civilization has come into existence, we have only advanced in all the attributes of life. Gradually different cultures came into existence. They say Hinduism is one of the oldest of them. Whenever we talk about Hinduism, the first thing that comes into mind ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’.

Om is a sacred spiritual sound which reflects all the attributes of the universe. It is also referred as a mantra in multiple religions.

The Bhagavad Gita, in the Epic Mahabharata, mentions about Om in verse 9.17 in a very simple way i.e. Om is Krsna and Krsna is nothing but entire cosmic manifestations; everything moving and nonmoving, are manifested by different activities of Krsna’s energy.

Om being such an important religious symbol for so many religions, its importance from the daily lives cannot be undermined.


Pendants are ornaments that are hung from any other jewellery like a necklace, a chain or even also a bracelet. The size and the shape can be anything and everything.

When it comes to religious pendants, people usually wear a pendant of the cross or cruciform shape which has been since the development of early Christianity. Similarly, there are pendants of Guru Nanak Saheb, first and one of the ten Sikh gurus, who were also the founder of Sikhism.

When it comes to the Hindus, there are many types of religious pendants, some are based on the different Gods, some of the religious icons like the swastika sign or the Om, and so on.

As there are many Gods and multiple scripts for the Hindus, the depiction of the icon Om is different in each one of them.

Offerings At BlueStone

We at BlueStone offer many types of Om pendants Designs, especially in Devanagiri script. You can buy Om pendant designs which are unique as well as something you can cherish for the years to come.

The Udgitha Pendant

For someone who believes in elegance, this pendant is a masterpiece. Small in size with gold or white gold as one of the customization options available, this diamond studded pendant is worth every single penny that you invest. Having said that, this Om pendant’s price is reasonable enough, something which can never hurt your pocket.

The Eternal Om Pendant

They say creator should always make something in which he/she takes pride. The Eternal Om Pendant is something that we take pride in. With 29 studded diamonds, in the periphery of Om in concentric circles, this is the epitome of craftsmanship. Weighing more than 13 grams, it will just blow your mind! Customizations of diamonds and white gold can justify every dress that is in your wardrobe.

The Bhadra Om Pendant

A cylindrical dome structure with gold and studded diamonds with Om written in white gold. When this is worn, your neck surely will have a gloss level which can be always a teaser to your friends and dear ones with a religious value.

The Aum Shakti Pendant

For people who believe in gems; don’t worry we have something very special for you and that’s the Navratna studded Aum Shakti Pendant. A simple Om with all navratnas studded across has a look as well as astrological value to die for.

You can buy Om pendants online at our store and explore the numerous possibilities of pendants in one place.

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