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Find Inspiration to Express Your Faith with Religious Jewellery

There are as many reasons for wearing or even owning religious jewellery as there are stars in the sky. It can perhaps be a simple expression of faith for some or an extremely private and personal reflection of beliefs for others. Religious jewellery is a logo of specific religions, which just like a company logo, communicates important information related to the religion’s history and values. It also makes followers of a particular faith feel closer to their deity or prophet. Whatever your faith, you can conveniently buy religious jewellery online at BlueStone. From the cross and the Om logo to the crescent design, we have it all.

The Ancient Civilisations and Their Love for Religious Jewellery

More than almost 5000 years ago, precious metals were used to make jewellery, which were usually studded with gemstones or other precious stones. The Egyptian jewellery excavated by archaeologists had images of the scarab beetle, which was believed to bring the wearer good luck. Scarab beetles were also symbols of rebirth or reincarnation. The ancient Egyptian civilisation’s strong faith and belief in the symbol is evident in most Egyptian jewellery, including pendants, bracelets, and rings, discovered from that era in history.

Religious jewellery among pre-Christian people included amulets as they were believed to impart supernatural powers or provide protection to the wearer. In ancient times, many religions faced persecution by people in power. Wearing jewellery that symbolised a certain belief or religion was one of the ways to identify and talk to fellow believers without fearing persecution or adverse repercussions. A similar practice was adopted by the early Catholic churches that were rooted in Christianity. Religious medallions containing inscriptions that encouraged the wearer to reflect upon his or her faith came into being and eventually became common practice.

Religious jewellery, especially pendants, is also among the oldest forms of Indian jewellery. These were initially crafted with wood or any other material that was commonly available. Religious jewellery in India was also worn to showcase faith, wealth, emotions, or superstitions. Over time, the purpose of wearing religious jewellery has somewhat changed. Nowadays, it is also worn by people who believe in astrology, zodiac signs, and numerology. Jewellery that portrays religious symbols is also sometimes worn by spiritual people and those who are not religious, too.

Symbolism of Different Types of Religious Jewellery Designs

Religious symbols and designs hold a deep symbolism. They are compelling ideas that help express society’s moral values or the religion’s teachings. They nurture solidarity among the believers of the religion or faith, and bring them closer to their deity, prophet, or whoever they worship. Some of the popular symbols on religious jewellery include the Christian cross, the Sikh Khanda, the Muslim Crescent and Star, the Hindu Om, and the Buddhist Lotus. And then there are Chakra ornaments for the spiritually inclined.

The Christian cross is perhaps the simplest religious jewellery. It represents the cross on which Jesus was persecuted and is the symbol of Christianity. It also represents the unity between two opposite lines. The Hindu Om is a sacred symbol of the religion that represents the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent God. It also symbolises important triads, including the three Vedic scriptures, Yajur, Sama, and Rig; the three worlds, earth, heaven, and atmosphere; and the three Hindu Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The Muslim star and crescent date back to the Ottoman times that marked the foundation of the very first Muslim empire. Together they represent the strength of the religion and its culture. Celestial symbols usually represent grand aspirations and the existence of a deity. The Buddhist Lotus represents symmetry and purity associated with lotus blossoms. It symbolises the growth and the unfolding of one’s self. It also represents one phase of life paving the way for the next. Understanding the hidden meaning behind symbols makes it more meaningful before you buy religious jewellery designs.

Find Your Favourite Designs at BlueStone’s Exclusive Collection

The collection of religious jewellery at BlueStone features a wide array of designs that are especially crafted to take you closer to your faith. Browse our collection for rings, pendants, earrings, and more that we have designed keeping your belief in mind. What’s more, our religious jewellery prices are competitive too. The Divine Om Ring is crafted in 18kt gold featuring a diamond-studded Om on top. The elegant Aric Cross Pendant is made of 18kt gold featuring a cross with smooth, curved edges and a diamond studded heart on the intersection of the two lines. The Janardhana Pendant, the Durga Pendant, the Shumayl Pendant, and the Khalsa Pendant are some of our exquisite pieces. Check out our collection now.

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