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Unisex Ring Designs: Fashion for All

Admit it! Unisex fashion has taken over the fashion world by storm and is here to stay. While distinctive men’s and women’s jewellery collections have been the norm of the fashion industry for the longest time, the trend of unisex designs started catching up in the late 1960s. Designers like Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne introduced gender neutral clothes designs at the Paris runways during this period. While in the 70s and 80s unisex fashion appeared to have gone underground, the 90s saw these designs return with a vengeance. Fashionable, functional, and funky, the unisex range has gained immense popularity since the turn of this century.

When it comes to jewellery, the ornaments you find in a traditional jeweller’s display are mostly gender specific with his and her designs and are strictly labelled and marketed for each gender. But aren’t there times when you and your partner want to wear similar pieces of jewellery, just to display your special bonding? For those who have experimented with the unisex clothing range, it is now time to move on to the unisex jewellery range that is sensuous, suave, and stylish. At BlueStone, we bring alive the trendiest unisex ring designs. With these creatively crafted items that look good on men and women alike, you can share your jewellery with your sibling or significant other without having to worry about the gender tags attached to it.

Buy Classic Unisex Ring Designs and Cherish Your Special Bonding

Are you ready to try out some unisex ring designs that will delight not just you but your partner too? Our rings have a gender-neutral design that is minimalist and subtle and hence suitable for both men and women. When you buy unisex rings online from BlueStone you get to try them on at the convenience of your home and also avail special discounts and offers on selected pieces. We have a hassle-free return policy to ensure you have the ultimate shopping experience when you shop with us. You can also customise these ring designs in 14kt and 18kt gold, depending on your preference and budget. That’s not all! Our unisex rings price is affordable and much lower in comparison with the standard local jewellers.

Unity in Divinity: Religious Unisex Ring Designs to Express Your Faith

Your gender shouldn’t stop you from practising your faith; it shouldn’t stop you from wearing your faith in the form of fine jewellery, either. That’s why the creative designers at BlueStone have crafted a divine range of unisex religious ring designs.

Take a look at our Divine Om Ring and you might have a tough time taking your eyes off it. Such is its beauty! This beautiful pattern made of 18kt gold is an emphatic self-expression that can adorn the fingers of both the men and women of today. True to its name, the ring features the Om symbol studded with 29 shimmering diamonds. The glitter of gold and the twinkle of diamonds, together with the symbolism of the Om symbol, give it a divine appeal. This multi-stone starrer is definitely an eye-catchy festive ring that will bestow heavenly blessings upon the wearer.

The Om Ring is another stellar unisex ring design in our enticing collection. The alternating patches of white and yellow add a dash of elegance and charm to the design while the Om inscription in the centre highlighted by diamonds lends a soulful feel to the look of the ring. Looks like there will be an intense competition on who gets to wear the ring today, doesn’t it?

Traditionally, the cross is one of the most important symbols associated with Christianity and there are plenty of cross pendant designs available online today. But how about a beautiful ring that features this universal symbol of Christianity? Now you have a unique way of expressing your faith with the Holy Cross Ring design offered by BlueStone. Twenty one diamonds are arranged in the cross pattern and this unisex ring design is a subtle yet strong expression of your undying love for the Lord.

While fashion is an eternally evolving concept, we have blended some of the timeless religious symbols to create these unique and contemporary unisex ring designs that both the sexes can wear. Or maybe you can buy one each and match them with your unisex clothing range. Feel free, the world is your playground!

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