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Festive Rings: If You Like Them, Bag Them Now

No other piece of jewellery has this much drama inherent to it as a ring! Be it in the anticipation of an engagement or the passing down of an heirloom. Sitting firmly on the fingers, rings are the eternal symbol of commitment. They contain great heritage value and passing down of one’s grandmother’s or mother’s ring comes as a sign of love and bonding. At BlueStone, we know how important this part of your entire outfit is and how painstaking are the efforts to correctly match the dress to the precise stone or look of the ring. Be it band, fusion, cluster or a classic-rings are special because they are something that the wearer can admire for herself, unlike the earrings and the necklaces which are mostly for the viewer to appreciate. So hurry and buy festive rings online at BlueStone and spend some treasured hours of adulation for our graceful designs.

The Reliable: Classy Festive Rings

We know our customers and their moods when it comes to festive jewellery. We have an army of the ‘reliables’ from our vast collection of over 600 festive rings, which gel in with all festive wear! Check out the Salome Ring, the Eavan Ring, the Isara Ring and the Angela Ring which are prominent for their diamond and gold patterns. A chic collection for those who love the simplicity of band rings like the Aleysia Ring, or the intricately netted the Kyna Ring for Her, the white gold, diamond stunner the Lynsa Ring, ruby and diamond band of the Theona Ring and the pristine looking Celine Ring. For those who believe bigger is better, well we think alike! Go ahead and feast your eyes on the queens of our collection, they come in a single centre eye-boggling piece, which is bound to make the plebeian bow to you! The ‘royals’ of the collection includes the Mombasa Ring, the Bellini Ring, the Mojito Ring and the Sangria Ring.

Etched in Stone: Buy Festive Ring Designs in Different Stones

BlueStone brings the exquisite range of rings set with stones of your choice. In red stone rings, we have the Lanet Ring, the Jolanda Ring, the Saarav Ring and the Flowerona Ring and the white gold beauty the Razberi Ring. The BlueStone collection goes from topaz and sapphire in sharp turquoise shades as in the single stone set Paloma Ring, the Treasure Trove Ring surrounded by small diamonds on the side and the Curacao Ring with iolite and diamonds. For a lovely pale icy blue ring, choose from the Dream Date Ring, the Lovely Blossoming Ring, the Besotted Dazzle Ring and of course the fit for royals- the Yorsch Ring.

BlueStone is the one sure stop for all festive ring designs. We haven’t forgotten the fans of Pear and Marquise cut rings. The Shubhika Ring, the Michelada Ring and the Minnoli Ring, from our Pear collection would do more than justice to your dainty fingers. From the Marquise collection, rings like the Bougainville Ring, the Blooming Circles Ring, and The Flirtini Ring stand out not just for the pretty mix of floral design in contemporary fashion but also for the sheer uniqueness that transcends each one of them.

The Firecracker Collection: The Rings with a Twist

Our festive ring designs span genres and categories. We decided to put our feistiest categories for you to up your game at any celebration. The Elspeth Ring, the Jonet Crown Ring, and the Love Pill Ring are collections in rose gold, sure to get your head reeling at these wacky designs. Enamel lovers waiting to be wooed, can choose the Royal Feather Ring, the Gytha Ring or the Glorianna Ring to ease their search. The Entangled Ode collection with designs like the Ciara Ring for Her, the Tressa Ring, the Rachel Ring and the sway of their thin bands twirling around in perfect symphony in white and gold will leave your heart in a mess. Spread the halo of your happiness with our Halo rings and make a bold entry with the Amaretto Ring, the Cachaca Ring, and the Frangelico Ring. Where one is too less and two becomes odd, go for our Trinity rings, where we try out balancing perfection along with the Maidel Ring, the Imperial Aura Ring, the Rosalia Ring and the Eternal Serenade.

That’s quite a collection, ladies! Hurry before your favourite piece gets onto another hand, literally! Make the best of our 30 days money back and home try-on now. The best part is yet to come- our festive rings prices! We have kept our festive rings price as affordable as they can get. Here is a luminous range at your waiting, come buy festive rings online at BlueStone today and let the celebrations begin!

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