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Plain Gold Mangalsutra

Plain gold in Simplistic Fashion

In India, it is a common tradition to tie a mangalsutra or ‘tali’ around the bride’s neck to signify the confirmation of the union of man and wife. It is holy and auspicious to tie one. No Hindu wedding ceremony is complete without the tying of the holy thread. In the presence of closest family and friends, this practice has been carried forward by the Hindu community since the early eighteenth century. The mangalsutra is a sacred element, and is meant to be worn till the death does the couple apart. And because this tradition has been upheld, it is important for this piece of jewellery to be simple, long lasting and evergreen in its appeal.

Most Indian Hindu women wear it every day. It is a part of the everyday ensemble, be it a saree or a salwar kameez. It is not usually visible under the wraps of the saree palloo, or the dupatta, but nevertheless important. It is a priceless piece of jewellery in the eyes of the wife. After all, doesn’t the mangalsutra signify the husband’s trust and devotion to his wife?

Making Marriage with Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra is given utmost care. For a piece of ‘thread’ that stands to embody eternal harmony of the household, the mangalsutra mala is usually made of gold and black beads and thin gold. However, the plain gold mangalsutra design, if you look at it closely, isn’t as simple as it may seem. The tiniest of black beads are intricately hung in two parallel threads and the two meet roads with a gold pendant, usually a lot heavier than the strings to hold the strings down.

In this day and age, you can now shop for a plain gold mangalsutra online too. BlueStone’s range of designs is sure to catch your fancy. We have kept the plain gold mangalsutra price affordable too.

Buy Plain Gold Mangalsutra Online: BlueStone’s Picks

 If you are looking for the old classic, look no further, the Kavya Mangalsutra is everything that you need. We offer a traditional design with this one, the only difference being a single thread versus a two thread system. The two sides meet at a gold bridge pendant in 22kt gold. The pendant is prominent enough to represent eternal harmony.

The Prakriti Managalsutra is simple with a single thread of black and gold beads interwoven and strikes the perfect balance of black and gold with this design. Get your hands on this one if you are looking for an understated design that will not overshadow anything else that you may choose to wear on any given day.

But gone are the days where the mangalsutra must be inconspicuous in its presence on the woman’s body. Many women are now choosing bolder, creative and unique plain gold mangalsutra designs that transform the day-to-day attire. Go straight for the Samali Mangalsutra when you are shopping at BlueStone. Choose a design that is different from the rest, with this heavy-set pendant in the prettiest of square cut diamonds. The gold pendant here is nothing like what you will find anywhere else online. You are sure to get a few compliments for choosing a unique mangalsutra!

BlueStone’s plain gold mangalsutra designs are created with the customer in mind. And the new age bride is looking for something different, always. The Krithika Mangalsutra is simple yet funky. The black and gold beads remain, but the pendant is designed as a symbol of two lives that come together in an embrace. Wear this design as a symbol of your holy matrimony and let the auspicious necklace speak for itself. The two stems of the pendant are created out of white and 22kt gold.

For a truly imaginative and feminine Mangalsutra, go for the Ranya Mangalsutra. Here too, the pendant steals all the attention. Designed as a boat that signifies the love and life of a married couple that floats in the ocean of life, the pendant dazzles and shines in white and gold. If you are looking for the dramatic twist in your mangalsutra, this is the design you can pick up with ease online.

All you need to do is visit the BlueStone online shopping portal to choose your favourite and buy plain gold mangalsutra designs at affordable prices.

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