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Women’s Festive Rings: Celebrate the Special Moments of Life

Is there a birthday, anniversary or special occasion round the corner? What better way to treat yourself or a loved one than with classic BlueStone women’s festive rings. They are trendy, beautiful, and you would fall in love with them instantly. This round band of jewellery worn on the finger (or toes sometimes) has been around for millennia. They are usually worn on the ring finger. However, there are a few designs that are worn on other fingers or more than one finger.

Buy women's Festive Ring Designs that Match Your Style

Archaeologists have excavated different kinds of rings from Hittite, Greek, Roman and Egyptian sites. Some of them were quite complex in design. Take a quick look at a few of more famous ring designs below:

Are you in the mood to be a little naughty or downright bad? Then the finger armour ring is the best ring you could use to cause a little damage to your adversary. Not only does it protect your finger, but the pointy edge can be used to playfully (ahem!) poke them.

However, if you are veering towards a Christian spirituality phase, then the rosary ring is the thing for you. And if you are royalty, then you could not obviously do without the signet ring, which bears the family insignia and is used to seal letters and other official documents.

Then there are the cameo rings, the cocktail rings, the ecclesiastical rings, the sports rings, the watch rings, the key rings, and the popular birthstone rings. The type and variety of rings available from ancient times are countless. You could buy women’s festive rings online at BlueStone that straddle many of these design combinations.

Buy Women’s Festive Ring Designs that Take Your Fancy

Are you feeling like a princess, or do you want somebody near and dear to feel like a princess? Buy our Arcilla Ring with its little tiara design set in 18kt gold and set with diamonds for that princes' sparkle. Had a fight with your significant other? Gift her Darika Ring, which looks like a tiny bouquet in white and pink with its exquisitely set diamond and ruby in 18kt gold.

Rings for Religious Occasions

For a radical, religious, but feminine touch you could opt for the Divine Trishool Ring for Her, with its trishool and drum design separated by a tiny diamond and set in 18kt gold. The beauty of the navaratna jewellery or the nine-stone jewellery is timeless and they are ideal for any kind of festivity. This is captured eloquently in the Pushpanjali Ring with its simple flower design with the centre ruby. For a classic western look choose the Enchanted Tulip Ring that showcases three bulbs of tulip set in rose gold with embedded diamonds.

Two Finger Ring Designs that Fit for Every Festival

Two-finger rings give quite the festive and chic look to the wearer. Set in 18kt gold with three diamond flowers, the Erin Ring is the epitome of classic chic. It does not quite form a circle which adds to the look. The Maryam Two Finger Ring is another two-finger ring set in diamonds and white pearls that endow the wearer with a rich look. Another two-finger set that proclaims elegance is the Dettie Two Finger Ring, with diamonds embedded in a soft triangular pattern that adorns the back of the fingers when worn.

Capture the spirit of Festivity with Flowers and Birds

For larger than life designs, BlueStone offers the Peacock Vivacity Ring set in 22kt gold with the intricately woven design of a peacock on the ring; or the Sunflower of Loyalty Ring with its large sunflower design that has a circle of diamonds in the centre. The Moonwalk Ring set with yellow sapphires in the shape of a flower and surrounded by diamonds in a hexagonal pattern is another one of the many women’s festive ring designs available online at BlueStone.

Owning a BlueStone Women’s Festive Ring

Our women's festive rings prices are as irresistible as the designs. The rings are available in a wide price range depending on the design, size and gemstone used. You can opt for a really rich and larger than life design or pick out a small and intimate design to suit the occasion. You can also opt to customise a design if it takes your fancy.

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