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Diamond Studded Gold Bangles

Create a Sparkle with Diamond Studded Gold Bangles

In India, bangles are known by many names – chudahs, kadas, chudhis, and kangan. Whatever you choose to call them, bangles and Indian women are inseparable. These wrist adornments are worn by Indian women not only as an ornament but as a symbol as well. For a bride, bangles are considered an essential part of her ‘solah shringaar’. After marriages, wearing bangles is considered a sign of a happy marriage.

However, do you always need a reason or season to wear a bangle? No! The diamond studded gold bangle designs in our collection will make you fall for them. You will find yourself searching for reasons to buy and wear one of these bangles from our collection.

Bangles to Add a Glow to Your Day

Many women choose to wear plain gold bands as everyday bangles. But, what’s stopping you from taking things up a notch? Many of our diamond studded gold bangle can be worn even on days you’re alone at home. The Girath Bangle and the Akira Oval Bangle are two such designs. If you’d like something more subtle, take a look at the Ribah Bangle.

When you dress up for your office or a party, accessorising your outfit with the right bangles is important. The Shirin Bangle or the Mishika Flexible Bangle is the ideal accessory for the corporate wear. If you’re meeting a few friends for lunch, how about something elegant like the Vilaan Bangle? With bangles, it’s easy to change your look. Simply stack on a few more bangles or slip on a more ornate design to convert your morning looks to an evening one.

From Minimalist and Intricate to Floral and Geometric

When you buy diamond studded gold bangles designs, the bangles should match your personality and personal style. We cater to all tastes. If you feel comfortable in ethnic wear, our traditional bangles like the Rashi Bangle or the Soha Bangle would match your style. On the other hand, the Bela Bangle or the Karynytte Bangle would complement a skirt suit or a flowy dress perfectly. This does not mean that these designs can only be worn with a specific type of outfit.

Matching jewellery to your personality is more important. The Jaclyn Bangle is ideal for women who like to keep things simple. The Amina Bangle complements is best suited for someone who loves a bit of glitz and glam. For a truly romantic soul, the Aaralyn Oval Bangle is a must have. The Gulbahar Oval Bangle is a design inspired by the floral motif. The Grazia Bangle and the Rukma Bangle have a modern edge. Our designers take inspiration from many places to create a diamond studded gold bangles collection.

Traditional or Modern - How Do You Like Your Bangles?

Traditionally, bangles were crafted as cylindrical bands to be slipped over the wrist. However today, bangles and bracelets are interchangeable terms. At BlueStone, we offer all types of bangles. If you want to go the old school way, take a look at the Ami Bangle. Many women prefer oval bangles with openable clasps because they are easy to put on and take off. The Monille Bangle and the Murari Bangle are two bestsellers from our diamond studded oval bangle collection. We also offer an exclusive range of trendy diamond studded gold bangles online. This includes twist-and-wear bangles like the Naija Flexible Bangle and the Palakshi Flexible Bangle.

How to Buy Diamond Studded Gold Bangles?

When buying new designs in diamond studded gold bangles, you must choose the right size for your bangle. If the size of your bangle is too small, you won’t be able to wear it and if the size is too big, it will slip off. To know your bangle size, you need to know either the diameter of a bangle that fits you or the circumference of the widest part of your palm. To measure the circumference of your palm, wrap a thin strip of paper around the widest part of your palm. Mark the point at where the two ends meet. The length of paper between the two points is the circumference. You can now compare the diameter of a bangle that fits you or the circumference of your hand to a bangle size chart. If the measurement falls between two sizes, it is advisable to pick the larger size. This measurement is essential if you are choosing a traditional round bangle.

Buy Diamond Studded Gold Bangles Online

Today, you don’t have to go to the market to buy jewellery. The jewellery comes to you. At Bluestone, we offer you the best diamond studded gold bangles. From traditional gold bangles to modern white gold bangles, we offer you a wide variety of designs and styles. You also have the option to customise a bangle to make it suit your budget. If you feel a particular piece is beyond your budget, you can choose to lower the carat value. This reduces diamond studded gold bangles’ price to a considerable extent.

The carat value of gold refers to the ratio of pure gold to stabilising metals. Our diamond studded gold jewellery is typically made in 18kt gold but can also be made in 14kt gold. In addition, you can also customise the cut, clarity, and colour of the diamonds that are used on these bangles. This ensures that you receive what you want, within your budget. We don’t stop here. As a special service, we also offer you the opportunity to try a piece on before you buy it. We understand that the pieces of jeweller we offer need to look good not only in pictures but when worn as well. Hence, you can choose to have a selection of pieces sent to your home for you to try on before you pick your favourite. This service is available in select locations.

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