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Celebrate Festivals in Style with Stunning Festive Bangles

Bangles are beautiful pieces of jewellery that add a touch of grace to the way women dress up. Wearing bangles not only for special occasions but on an everyday basis has been a long-standing tradition in India. And why not! It’s amazing how something so simple as a circle can be designed in a variety of styles and myriad of colours and transformed into a magical circle. Our craftsmen create magic with precious metals and turn them into stunning festive bangle designs that will take your breath away.

Symbols of Feminine Elegance Since Ancient Times

An inseparable aspect of Indian traditions and culture, bangles have been around since a long time. Excavations of archaeological sites have revealed that bangles were used as adornments as early as 2600 B.C. The first such discovery can be attributed to a figurine of the dancing girl belonging to the Mohenjodaro settlement. The figurine features an arm full of bangles, which provides useful evidence that this piece of jewellery was an integral part of the ancient human culture.

The materials used to make the early bangles included anything from shells, clay, wood, leather, copper, or bronze, and evolved along with the understanding of materials, tools, and metals. With time, the material used to make bangles also become a sign of wealth and social status. Between then and now, the designs, shapes, and styles that go into designing bangles have transformed the way women wear them. Which brings us to the fact that unlike our ancient counterparts, there is so much variety for you to choose from. You can now buy festive bangle designs that were unseen and unheard of before!

Make a Statement with BlueStone’s Gorgeous Bangles

It was common, and still is in most parts of the country, to hear the jingles created by bangles while women carry on with their chores. That music is reminiscent of the good old days when all the women in the family, the grandmothers, the mothers, and the little girls, would run to the call of the choodiwala or bangle seller and gasp in delight at the sight of neatly arranged, colourful bangles. The collection of festive bangles at BlueStone honours traditions and helps women adorn the best bangles made with high purity yellow, white, and rose gold. From plain gold bangles to bangles studded with diamond or gemstones, we have it all for you.

Exude Subtle Sophistication with Plain Gold Bangles

Bangles are important pieces of jewellery and you’ll find them in a variety of styles when you browse our collection. Whether you want to wear them on special occasions as a sign of your marital status or complete your festive look, we have the right bangles for you that will satiate your love of plain gold. Made for the contemporary woman, the Twirled Wonder Bangle will win your heart with its intricately carved twirls on 22kt gold. You don’t need any more bangles on the wrist you adorn with this one, that’s how grand it is on its own. The Carey Bangle is a tiara for your wrist. It is crafted from 22kt gold and features an elegant wave pattern on a plain gold band. The Monica Bangle and the Jashan Bangle are beauties crafted in 22kt gold that can help you make a style statement on any festive occasion.

Decorate Your Wrists with Studded Beauties

When you buy festive bangles online, you should buy only the best. To help you in your efforts to find the most exquisite festive bangles, we have created an assortment that features gorgeous pieces. Created using 18kt white gold, the Ayaat Bangle looks stunning with its diamond-studded floral design on a plain band. The Ami Bangle is sure to impress you with its woven design featuring alternating 18kt gold and rhodium-plated, diamond-studded bands. Want something more unique? How about the stunning Shokufeh Oval Bangle? It will take your breath away with its elegant 18kt white gold body with an open top featuring diamond-studded lotus flowers.

Stack them up and Make Some Noise

The best thing about bangles is there’s no limit to how many you can wear at a time. The countless possibilities of mixing and matching different designs, styles, and colours gives you the opportunity to stack a variety of them together to create your own fashion statement. Want to make every festive occasion extra special? Then jingle all the way with your arms stacked with two or more bangles. You will find a lot of options in our collection to mix and match with your festive attire. Start with the Sanam Bangle, made of 22kt gold and featuring an intricately carved design. Top it up with the Manya Bangle, made with 18kt gold and studded with sparkling rubies and emeralds. End the set with another Sanam Bangle or any one of our many plain gold bangles.

There are a number of options for you to create a stacked look with white gold too. Pair the Joan Bangle, the Aarna Bangle, the Sila Bangle, and the Ella Bangle to create a stunning look. They are all made of 18kt white gold. The diamonds and rubies studded on the Aarna and Sila bangles add a hint of colour and shimmer to your overall look. There are so many options that you have the complete freedom to go crazy over our bangles. And with the equally attractive festive bangle prices that we offer, you can buy as many as you want and create a personalised set of bangles that you’ll cherish forever.

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