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Festive Nose Pins for One And All

Some of us like them simple while the rest of us prefer complexities! Irrespective of your choice, our collection of festive nose pin designs comes in all shapes, sizes, stones and colours. But to make an effective statement for a big day of dress up or a regular day at work, you need nose pins in gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphire from our wide range of stunning designs. Nose pins are quite the head-turning, intriguing items of jewellery a woman can wear these days. So go buy yourself an exquisite piece that is sure to leave you the envy of every room you walk into.

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Are you looking for single stone pieces that make a simple yet elegant statement? Then, how about the Mimosa Nose Pin or the Pansy Nose Pin? Both of these classic pieces have been designed with 18kt gold and a single-stone cut-diamond. These are ideal for everyday wear. Help yourself to any of these straightforward nose pin designs and be assured that they will blend well with anything you decide to throw on for the day. The Galax Nose Pin, with an even simpler square-shaped diamond, could be your choice too, perhaps.

For a touch of colour in a single stone, every day wear range, you should check out the Oleander Nose Pin or the Lupin Nose Pin. The Oleander Nose Pin is set in green emerald with an 18kt gold clasp and the Lupin Nose Pin comes in 18kt gold and diamond. These too are perfect feminine choices in this range.

Go Floral this Festive Season: Buy Festive Nose Pins Online from BlueStone

For the dainty, introverted woman, we have simpler creations for those of you looking for understated, muted designs. These designs come with three or four diamond stones and are an easy throw-on for everyday wear. While the more common designs in this range include the Larkspur Nose Pin, the Geranium Nose Pin, and the Vervain Nose Pin come in diamond. A hot-selling design in this collection is the Caladium Nose Pin. But you should pick your favourites for every day of the week for some mix and match. Our affordable festive nose pins’ prices are sure to bowl you over too!

Something Daring and Edgy

Are you in the mood for drama? Do you need something to spruce up a festive occasion? Jazz up your wardrobe with these stunning BlueStone festive nose pin designs. The Wisteria Nose Pin, in 18kt gold and four beautiful diamonds, makes for an excellent choice. Hot favourites in this range include the Wahida Nose Pin, the Mafaz Nose Pin, and the Roos Nose Pin. These designs offer a spot of colour as well as something edgy and daring. For those of you looking to go beyond colour, check out our Kosara Nose Ring and the Aureole Nose Ring! The former uses 18kt gold while the other has diamonds set in 18kt gold.

Go give a few our online designs a spin with our home try-on service!

Femme Fatale

Nose pins can also be a defining symbol of what femininity stands for. Pick any of our stylish and ultra-feminine festive nose pin designs that use more than one diamond stone to create a mood of elegance and romance. The Verbena Nose Pin, the Delphinium Nose Pin, the Arbutus Nose Pin, the Dittany Nose Pin, the Fuscia Nose Pin and the Zinnia Nose Pin have been designed keeping in mind the modern Indian woman who is looking for jewellery pieces that reflect her sense of style and appeal. These are excellent choices for a festive day at a wedding, a cocktail dinner in the evening or even a religious ceremony at home with family. You can’t go wrong with the 18kt gold and diamond combo, can you?

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