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    Gold Nose Pins

    Jewellery and India are almost like the two faces of the same coin. Indian women can never do without jewellery. History that is known through our temple carvings and architecture hints at this. Indian men and women, both ordinary and royal had been depicted to have worn jewellery. Leave alone mortals even gods and goddesses have been fully embossed with jewellery.

    History of Nose Pins

    Nose piercing, rather nostril piercing was earlier done by only women. But as a fashion statement, men too started this but it is not as popular with men as with women. It is traditionally believed that Nose/Nostril piercing should be done on the left of the body. The belief though is interesting. This makes childbirth easier, is a popular belief. Surprisingly, Ayurveda also associates this location with the female reproductive organ. As for mythology, nostril piercing is done in the honour of Goddess Parvati, who is considered to be the goddess of marriage. In many communities, it is a prerequisite for marriage.

    South Indian Nose Pins

    In some parts of south India, for instance, in Tamilnadu, both the nostrils are pierced. It is interesting to note that they prefer diamond nose pins over others. But in other states of the south like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the right nostril is pierced and of course, no limitation as diamond.

    The golden nose pins in the forms of loops and stud are very popular. The loop that seems to make a full circle around the nostril seems so elegant. This may be even studded with stones or pearls, the Hyderabadi way.

    Loop and studs for nose piercing

    The loops seem both traditional as well as fashionable. Young girls can flaunt it with any kind of attire. Earlier loops were not so popular except for the tribal women but over the years this has come as a funky style statement.

    Gold galore in nose pins

    Gold occupies the most prestigious place in the hearts of women. Nose pins are the first ones to be seen on one’s face. Women use this to their fullest advantage by wearing various types of gold nose-pins. Silver takes a back seat in this jewellery piece at least.

    Buy Gold Nose Pins Online

    Shopping has become easy and more exciting with the onset of online shopping. We are free from frowning faces and sultry shops. Moreover, one gets a huge variety. Just browse by the category and offers from online portals invite you to see every detail including the price.

    At BlueStone, you get amazing gold nose pin designs. What more,  you also can see your choice of gold nose pin price. If you wish to have diamonds or any other precious stones embedded in it, that too is available. To buy gold nose pins online will be detrimental to you, as you may choose more than one.

    One facility that BlueStone offers which encourages to buy gold nose pin is that they offer you to try before you buy. That should have made you go straight to BlueStone and pick your choice of nose pins. Well, grab that attention with either a Maharashtrian style huge nose pin covering half the mouth, a south Indian style of diamond-studded studs, or funky and fusion nose rings. You sure will be a nose-stopper, sorry show- stopper.

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