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White Gemstone Rings

The Immaculate Beauty of White Gemstone Ring Designs

“Colour is what gives jewels their worth”; so said Christian Dior, the world famous French fashion designer, a long time ago. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to accept that we do often buy jewellery on the basis of colours. For example, not finding a trinket that matches a green saree is the perfect excuse to buy an emerald ring while no one with a penchant for red can say no to a finely crafted ruby ring. However, some colours go well with everything. White is one such colour. When you buy white gemstone ring designs from BlueStone, you can rest assured that it will complement all your outfits. Each ring in this collection is studded with one or more white gemstones such as pearls or white sapphires.

The Beauty of White Jewels

White has been associated with a number of positive qualities ranging from innocence and purity to humility and perfection. Thus, white gemstones have always had a positive symbolism. The first gemstone that comes to mind when one thinks of white is the classic pearl. However, pearls aren’t the only white gemstone available. Opals, jade, moonstone, and quartz are some of the other popular white gemstones jewellers use to make stunning pieces of jewellery. Even sapphires, a gemstone one would normally envision as a blue gemstone, have a white variant as seen in the Moonshine Heart Band. This 18kt white gold band features five oval-shaped white sapphires. Its band design and white radiance make it an essential classic fit for engagements and anniversaries. 

White Gemstone Ring Designs for Every Occasion

Apart from your wedding ring, you may not want to wear the same ring on all occasions. We, at BlueStone, are committed to giving you a little something for every occasion. For example, the Asbah Ring is sure to get you tonnes of compliments at a party. This open ring design made of rose gold has two white pearls and a golden pearl to make it an absolute stunner. However, a fashion ring like this may be a little too ornate for the office. Hence, when you buy a ring, you must keep the scenarios when you would wear it in mind.

If you’re shopping for daily wear rings, designs like the Marina Ring is just what you need. Made of gold in a simple floral pattern, it features a white pearl in the centre. This simple yet elegant design is office-appropriate and hence doubles as a workwear trinket too. Another piece to consider from our workwear range is the pearl-studded Ava Ring made of gold. Those looking for a party ring should pick a drool-worthy piece – something little more ornate like the Nayah Ring made of gold or the Parlat Ring made of rose gold.

Pearls: A Classic When It Comes to White Gemstone Ring Designs

As we mentioned earlier, when you think of white gemstones, a pearl is the first jewel to come to mind. Pearls symbolise everything that a fashionable woman aims to be; style, elegance, classy and beautiful. No matter what the occasion your wear them on or what outfits you pair them with, you can never go wrong with pearls. These white beauties are also said to have astrological significance and represent the moon. According to vedic astrology, the moon in turn reflects the mind and hence wearing a pearl ring is said to have a calming influence of the wearer.

Whether you believe in this or not, pearl rings like the Adella Ring and the Andrina Ring can enhance the delicate appeal of a woman’s hands. Add the azure beauty of aquamarines to the mix and you get an absolute wow design like the Dream Date Ring. The Tami Ring and Pendant is a one-of-a-kind piece and has everything you want – the everlasting charm of gold, and the brightness of red rubies, and the immaculate radiance of pearls. What’s more? As the name suggests, it can be worn as a ring as well as a pendant and thus, gives you a bigger bang for the money you spend.

Buy White Gemstone Rings Online

From groceries to houses, today, there is hardly anything that you cannot buy online. So why then would you brave the harsh sun and walk in and out of stores to find the perfect ring? There are two reasons one may hear as a response to this. Firstly, going to a jewellery store offers you the option of customising your jewellery to fit your budget. But, did you know that BlueStone offers you the opportunity to do this as well? Our rings are typically made in 18kt gold but if you want to lower white gemstone rings price they can be made in 14kt gold as well.

The second thing you may hear in defence of offline shopping for jewellery is that when you sit at a jeweller’s shop, you get to try on the jewellery while if you shop online, you have to make up your mind on the basis of a photograph. However, when you shop with us, if you like a design but aren’t sure of how it would look on you, you can try it on before buying it. For example, say you like the Margo Ring and the Alka Ring and aren’t sure of which one would suit your fingers better. We can send both rings to your home for you to try on before you make a final decision. So are you ready to start browsing through our beautiful jewellery designs?

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