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Women's Gemstone Rings

Women’s Gemstone Ring Designs: Add a Teensy Weensy Splash of Colour to Life

So do plain old diamond rings bore you? Do they appear a little washed out and tame? The BlueStone collection of women’s gemstone rings should perk up your interest. They add a splash of colour to your life with their ageless beauty and intricate designs.

A gemstone may only be a piece of mineral crystal or pretty organic bauble, but they supplement your outfit with a certain oomph and character. You could choose the very popular ruby and emerald or the exotic sapphire. Then there is the classic pearl or the more uncommon opal. You can also buy women’s gemstone rings set with topaz, peridot, garnet, aquamarine, rose quartz et al. at BlueStone.

Famous Gemstones from Around the World

Gemstones have been part of human culture and society since the dawn of civilisation. They adorned the person of royalty, was part of the treasury and often given as gifts. Therefore not only were they considered valuable, but have been part of jewellery and ornaments.

There are a number of gemstones, other than diamonds, that have been famous through history. The Star of India is a 563 carat star sapphire discovered in Sri Lanka centuries ago. The Patricia Emerald Crystal is one of largest gem-quality emerald discovered in the world and is currently housed in the New York Museum of Natural History. The American Golden Topaz weighs 22,892 carats, making it the largest cut topaz in existence. However, none of these famous gemstones are actually worn by people; rather they are all exhibited in museums around the world.

Buy Women's Gemstone Ring Designs: Choose the Right One

Gemstones are associated with certain months and with certain personality types. In addition, from time immemorial gemstones have been attributed with special powers – healing, cathartic, inciting passion, calming, inducing courage, and so on. So you are a little hard of hearing or known for your muddled thinking? Get yourself a pretty citrine ring to aid your hearing and clear your thinking. Or you could choose a delicate pearl ring to calm yourself. Garnet rings have been known to be used to assist with affairs of the heart.

Rubies and Hearts for the Passionate Ones 

BlueStone has a fabulous range of gemstone rings that appeal to varied needs and tastes of our customers’. For instance take a look at the Florence Love Ring is a heart-shaped rose quartz set in 18kt rose gold. This adorable ring has a number of other heart shapes that branch off from the rose quartz to form the ring shape. The rose quartz is often called the Heart Stone and is believed to carry the qualities of compassion, tenderness, peace, nourishment and peace. This pretty piece by BlueStone would be the ideal gift for your spouse or a loved one. For a stronger and colourful look, you could opt for the Deandria Ring. This is an 18kt gold ring set with rubies cut in the marquise shape. The ring has rubies all around it with the total look resembling that of a mini tiara. Rubies have long been termed a precious stone and been associated with prosperity, passion and protection.

Sapphire for Spiritual Awakening

If you are looking for good fortune, spiritual insight, wisdom or protection, then a sapphire ring is what you should be splurging on. The Pienna Ring features five round shaped sapphires and a single big oval shaped sapphire in a prong setting. The ring is actually made up of three incomplete rings connected by a straight rod of 18kt gold. Not only does this add to the size of the ring, but the design is very modernistic. If a sapphire is connected with wisdom, the pink sapphire is supposedly more attuned to the emotional wisdom of the wearer and helps with emotional turmoil and heals emotional wounds. The Amaryllis Ring is simple and exquisite with a single pink sapphire set in 18kt gold.

You can buy women's gemstone rings online from the BlueStone’s catalogue. Our women’s gemstone rings prices vary according to the size, number, and carat of the gemstones used in the design. Choose a pattern that takes your fancy and order it to add a teensy weensy splash of colour to your life.

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