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Garnet Rings

Garnet for You: Buy Garnet Ring Designs

“Tomorrow is a big day”, said he, with a shivering gait as the helplessness of being unable to choose the right ring dawned upon his face. It is a proposal, isn’t it? If yes, we know exactly what you are looking for- garnet ring. The designers at BlueStone have crafted

Garnet, meaning seed like, is derived from the Latin word garanatus and seed like it is. The stone, which is a cluster of silicate mineral groups, is derived from a variety of species hence, the difference in colour and appearance. The Valiant Feme Ring is undoubtedly the most unique garnet ring in our collection. A round piece of garnet is set in a plier or razor like white gold design that oozes out of the centre. This ring is rather sharp and catchy in the literal sense. Buy garnet rings online as these red stones are available in such pretty designs and variants, that a single glance is enough to pacify you to pick at least one.

Let’s Celebrate With Garnet: Buy Garnet Ring Designs

Any January babies here? You must have heard that garnet is your birthstone. If you believe in picking stones as per your birth date, let us help you with a number of garnet ring designs in our collection. Choose from the range and flaunt that garnet with pride. All our rings are unique pieces that vary greatly from another design. To give you an example, we have the Razeberi Ring. This ring makes a really bold and strong statement. Look at the size of the ring. A rectangular red garnet stone set amidst a pool of diamond petals makes it quite daring and full. More so, the white gold casing complements the entirety of the ring - a perfect choice for those who love bold pieces. Don’t miss out the petal-like detailing on the rim around your finger as well. This or that, which one should you pick? We suggest you take a look at all the garnet ring designs before you buy.

Glimmering Beauties: Buy Garnet Rings Online

Celebrate with a heart shaped ornament in this month of love. Better yet, the Veidah Ring has two hearts, a smaller garnet one enclosed in a larger heart made of diamonds. For a twist in flavour, the Root Chakra Ring has all shapes in one, right from tiny gold hearts and petal-like gold weaves to spherical gold rim and a garnet set as a square. How about the Savoy Affair Ring? Sounds musical, doesn’t it? It comprises of a single shiny garnet set in a circle of diamonds, coupled with gold – a unique, attention gripping piece for sure. Check the garnet rings price on the site and decide which piece you can relate to. Want more of these glimmering beauties? Made of gold and white gold, our rings are designed to match your style needs. As the name reads the Paradise Ring is quite a trip to paradise itself. This bold ring looks heavy on the fingers. The chunkier middle piece is balanced by its smaller supporting counterparts on either side. 

Stop Or Go? Explore Our Range 

There is so much history and sentimental value associated with the lovely gemstone garnet. Believed to be the stone for your second wedding anniversary, any thoughts on picking this up for your beloved wife as you together turn two? If not, why don’t you go with the Just Say Love Ring? It has a simplistic heart shaped garnet stone set in a hollow sphere of gold. Simple or complex, as long as it looks beautiful, it solves the purpose. Additionally, it is everlasting and durable too. Those looking for different versions and designs, please look up the garnet rings price across designs and choose one or some of those that are best suited for the occasion. Just in case one garnet stone wasn’t enough, we have three in the Flavia Ring. The pretty three set in a simple pattern of gold proves to be worthy of the depth they represent.

There is more explore. Take your time, check out every piece in our collection and buy the one that is destined to adorn your ring finger.

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