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Dazzling Sapphire Ring Designs for the Diva in You

A well-cut and well-crafted sapphire ring is indeed a feast for the eyes. It reminds you of the star spangled deep blue skies and the mysteries of the deep blue ocean. Sapphires have always been one of the most sought-after stones in the family of gemstones and unsurprisingly, rings that feature these blue beauties are everywhere, from runways to the jewellery boxes of celebrities. Remember the iconic engagement ring that adorns the fingers of Kate Middleton, which once belonged to Princess Diana? This ring which features an oval-shaped sapphire encircled by a halo diamonds is one of the most talked about pieces in the world of jewellery. 

Well, you don’t have to be a princess or marry a prince to own an artfully crafted sapphire ring. With a breath-taking array of sapphire ring designs in white and gold, we at BlueStone allow you to own these dazzling gems and make a unique style statement with the distinctive beauty of sapphires.

Sapphire Trivia: Know the Gem Before you Buy Sapphire Ring Designs

A gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, sapphire is the third hardest mineral after diamond and typically blue in colour. Apart from the different shades of blue, naturally occurring sapphire is found in white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green colours. These are called fancy sapphires, and rightly so!

Sapphire rings have rich and long history to boast of and today, many are opting for this sizzling stunner as their engagement rings. In 1795, Napoleon gave a sapphire and diamond ring to his future bride Josephine, which was auctioned for about a million dollar a few years ago. Engagement rings featuring blue sapphire have been favoured by celebrities all over the world. From the vintage sapphire ring of Penelope Cruz to the square sapphire ring that adorns the fingers of Elizabeth Hurley, many such iconic pieces have captured the attention of jewellery enthusiasts.

Buy Sapphire Ring Designs from Bluestone

You can buy sapphire rings online at BlueStone from a range of colours and hues on offer – from the cornflower blue that is high in demand to the less popular yellow sapphire.

The Orbicular Touch Ring is a lovely white sapphire ring made of 18kt white gold. The sapphire is oval-shaped and set in a prong setting; on either shoulder of the white sapphire is a cluster of small diamonds. The Amaryllis Ring is a pink sapphire ring set in 18kt gold. The pink sapphire is round-cut and embedded in a prong setting. If you like geometric shapes and designs, then the Exemplary Ring would be the ideal choice for you. This ring has an octagon-shaped centre sapphire with similarly shaped diamonds of a smaller size set on either shoulder of the ring. The main body of the ring which is made of 18kt white gold has more diamonds set into it. 

None of the above rings appealed to you? No worries, there are more colours, hues and sapphire ring designs to choose from the collection offered by BlueStone. The Moonwalk Ring has pear-shaped yellow sapphires set around a diamond in the manner of a flower. The yellow sapphires themselves are surrounded by a hexagon inlaid with diamonds. This is an ideal pick if you are a lover of the classic and ageless floral theme.

The Licorice Ring which features yellow sapphires and diamonds set in an 18kt gold body is yet another floral wonder our designers have crafted for you. For those looking to up their bling quotient with the whimsical pink hue can opt for the Bougainvillea Ring. This 18kt white gold ring embedded with pink sapphires forming a floral pattern is a beauty to behold and a marvel to own.

Make a Fashion Statement with Sapphire Ring Designs

If you think single finger rings are so passé, then get yourself the unique Ophelia Two Finger Ring. Like the name suggests, the ring goes over your middle finger and ring finger, and resembles a very feminine and pretty brass knuckle. However, the prongs on either side do not come together to form circles, rather they end in round-cut pink sapphires encircled by diamonds.

The Pienna Ring, yet another uniquely crafted piece in our collection, is an ideal pick for parties and dressy events. The open design of the ring and the blue sapphires etched on either side of the opening give this piece a matchless charm. The Skylyn Ring is another fast-moving open ring design in our collection. This ring made of 18kt gold features pink sapphires and blue topazes set in a simple yet elegant floral pattern.

More about the Sapphire Ring Designs at Bluestone

BlueStone has a wide variety of sapphire rings on its catalogue. While most of the rings are meant for the diva, there are a few designed specifically for men. Since sapphire is a gemstone that is fit for a king, you could try on the Modern Royalty Ring for starters. This wide banded ring with a masculine touch has two prongs of 18kt white gold on either side holding up the centre sapphire. Sapphire is the designated gemstone for the month of September. Hence your man might love a surprise gift of a sapphire ring if his birthday falls on the month of September. If your man prefers the glitter of gold and the sparkle of diamonds, try our Excellence Ring.

Traditionally, sapphire is the gemstone for couples celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. So, if you, your parents or family members have their 45th anniversary coming up, then here is an idea for a meaningful gift. Take a pick from our anniversary sapphire ring collection that includes the Treasure Trove Ring, the Exemplary Ring, and the Moonshine Heart Band. Sapphire rings’ prices at BlueStone are so competitive that you can buy designs that you love and will treasure for years to come.]

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