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Women's Sapphire Rings

Women’s Sapphire Rings: The Many Shades of Sapphire

What is the most common colour of sapphire? Would you say blue or would you name colours one after another. The gorgeous, bold sapphire gemstone is not confined to blue alone. This beautiful composition of aluminium oxide comes in a variety of colours. Though blue is supposed to be the ideal and pure piece, all the other hues including green, yellow, orange, purple etc. make great jewellery too. The advantage this stone has over others owing to its colours is that any type of metal can accompany it, be it white gold, gold or platinum, and it looks perfect when coupled with any metal. There are exotic and unique styles of women's sapphire ring designs in both virtual and pop up stores. With a huge chunk of population inclined to picking beautifully stacked finger rings, sapphire is one such stone available in every pattern of the ring you can imagine. September babies, this birthstone is for you. Whether you believe in picking stones by the birth date or not, you can check out the lovely series at BlueStone and buy women's sapphire rings online from our ever-growing range from the comfort of your home.

Let’s Bleed Blue: Buy Women's Sapphire Ring Designs

Basking in the colour blue are the most gorgeous pieces of ringed jewellery that bring a spark to the persona and jazz up any outfit. Try the series of women's sapphire ring designs dipped in deep blue hues. If you are a fan of sapphire and diamonds, you must check out the floral beauty of the Antara Ring or the crown-shaped setting of the Shubhika Ring. For those who just cannot part with their pearly whites, must try the Yuvrani Ring, beautifully set in alternating lines of pearls, diamonds and sapphire, fusing to a central huge sapphire stone. Try your hands on something different like the open ring consisting of three rims of gold with blue sapphire studs on either ends. Yes, we are talking of an exceptional piece, namely the Pienna Ring. Lovers of simplicity, please confide in the Exemplary Ring, known for its basic elements, elegance and subtle glimmer. Women who adore fancier versions can easily stick with the Treasure Trove Ring with a central sapphire surrounded by two concentric circles of diamonds.

Subtle, Pretty Hues of Sapphire

Talking of simplicity and subtle hues are certain tints that make for the lightest hints of white and yellow. Yellow sapphire rings form the perfect pieces for those who like to keep it low on colour. Pretty yellow rings in floral forms, surrounded by diamonds can be seen in the Moonwalk Ring and the Licorice Ring. These bold pieces make quite the statement. In contrast to these, you have the basic yellow sapphire stud in the groovy waves of the Smiraan Ring. As the name goes the Moonshine Heart Band comprises of a series of white sapphire stones in a linear arrangement. The purest forms of white can be seen in the Obicular Touch Ring with a central white sapphire amidst two floral diamond bits. Skim through the entire collection, shortlist one or more patterns and buy women's sapphire ring designs form the BlueStone site.

Rosy Tones and Pink Blush: Buy Women's Sapphire Rings Online

If pink is your go to colour, then this range is the best fit for you. Available in subtle rosy tints and hints of blush are pretty pink sapphire pieces that will sweep you off your feet. Every ring in the series is different from the other. If you are looking at basics, opt for the Amaryllis Ring with a single tiny pink sapphire stud. Fancy pink seekers can go with the chunkier versions of sapphire and diamonds as seen in the Kerrira Ring and the white and gold blend of the Silene Ring. Women who prefer thick bands over rings can try the Bougainvillea Ring with its pretty pink petals laced around the top part of the circumference. You must check out the Ophelia Two Finger Ring for its unique twist or the flirty affair of butterflies studded in blue topaz and pink sapphire as in the Skylyn Ring. Compare the women's sapphire rings price across the range and choose your favourite pink.

What are you waiting for? Come explore and keep an eye out for exclusive deals. We also offer home try-on option allowing you to try on the pieces you like without any obligation to purchase. What more do you need to delve in!

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