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White Sapphire Rings

Dazzle Your Look in White Sapphire Rings

Sapphire has long enthralled humans since its discovery. What appears to be a simple stone becomes a lust-worthy gemstone when polished. The deep colours of the sapphire, its cuts, and the elegance it lends to jewellery have got it much admiration from men and women throughout the ages. We have a rich collection of sapphire jewellery for you to choose from. Browse our extensive collection to soak in the riches of the sparkling world of jewellery. Buy white sapphire ring designs only at BlueStone to be sure that you’re getting true value for your money.

Universally Popular Gemstones since Centuries

The word sapphire is derived from the Greek word “sappheiros”, which means “blue”. Found only in select locations, sapphire is one of the hardest substances on earth, second only to diamond. It has been treasured for its beauty and power throughout centuries. Throughout history, many cultures around the world have associated sapphires with mystical powers too. It was believed in ancient times that sapphire protected its wearers from negative powers and evil forces. Whereas in the Middle Ages, the Europeans believed that the gemstone could cure eye diseases and could help preserve chastity. Sapphires also symbolised faithfulness, nobility, and royalty, perhaps the reason behind the name of the colour “royal blue”.

Different Shades of Sapphire Inspire Creativity

When you think of sapphire, you can’t help but think of an intense blue. That’s because the classic and the most traditional colour for sapphire is blue. However, sapphire is found in a wide variety of colours, including white, yellow, pink, and green. Most natural sapphires are quite light and pale in colour. There is only a minor percentage of natural sapphires that exhibit intense colours and vivid shades without chemical treatment, such as heat treatment.

For many centuries, blue sapphire was the only colour that was recognised as “true” sapphire. But nowadays, all the colours of sapphire are equally loved by jewellery lovers around the world. The different shades of sapphire increase the scope of mixing and matching them with a variety of precious metals for making mesmerising jewellery. Whether you want sapphire rings for yourself, for gifting, for everyday wear, for a special occasion, or as an engagement ring, you can buy white sapphire rings online at BlueStone.

Classy Combination of Sapphire and Gold

Playing with different combinations of gemstones and precious metals is an art and we love to indulge in it. We’ve created an enchanting combination of sapphires, white, blue, yellow, and pink, and white gold. You will also find a variety of sapphires in different shapes, sizes, and colours on gold rings accentuated with white diamonds to spoil you with choice. Our collection embraces the playful sophistication of the vivid colours of this precious gemstone to create white sapphire rings without limiting your options to white sapphires and white gold. So maybe it’s true that sapphire is a stone of creativity!

Stunning White Sapphire Ring Designs for You

When you browse our exquisite assortment of white sapphire rings, you can be sure that you will find a ring, or more, that will sweep you off your feet. The Orbicular Touch Ring is an 18kt white gold ring studded with a central oval white sapphire and tiny white diamonds on its either side. Another ring with white sapphire studded on 18kt white gold is the Moonshine Heart Band. Witness an explosion of colours with the Kerrira Ring. It is made of 18kt white gold and features a vibrant pink sapphire along with multiple sparkling white diamonds.

For 18kt white gold rings encrusted with white diamonds and a blue sapphire, take a look at the Treasure Trove Ring, the Exemplary Ring, and the Zula Ring. These rings make great engagement rings, and they’re also great for adding a touch of grandeur to your look. While the Treasure Trove and Exemplary rings have a big sapphire featuring an emerald cut, the Zula Ring is all about subtle style with its round sapphire. That’s not the end of it. There are a lot more rings that you would absolutely love. What’s more, our unbelievably attractive white sapphire ring prices will leave you astounded and asking for more! Spoil yourself silly and treat yourself to the best jewellery by buying a dazzling sapphire ring from our exquisite collection.

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